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100+ Head-Fier
PENON IMPACT Impressions
Pros: - Natural
- Effortless
- Spacious
- Nothing is overdone
- Very good technicalities
Cons: - Price
Tested with Fiio K7 (favorite) and Zen Dac V2
Tri Clarion Eartips

The Impact just doesn’t do anything wrong, I don’t know what to complain about.

For my taste, the amount of bass is just right for an all-rounder.
I tend to be a basshead myself, but I still get my money’s worth here. (If I would have bought it :p)
But it shouldn’t be less for me.
In addition, the bass is nicely structured and very fast, metal really appeals, but so does every other genre that I have tested so far.
The Cadenza12 had a similar bass but I wanted more to balance out the sharper treble…but with the Impact that’s not necessary. Nothing stands out excessively - the sound appears natural and balanced.

The mids are absolutely amazing, rich and natural.
Female voices literally jump out at you, but never to the point that it seems unnatural.
I don’t find it to be as pronounced in male voices.
Instruments simply sound natural and absolutely enjoyable.
Impact does not try to impress with artificially overdone treble.
The treble just sounds effortless and absolutely fatigue-free, yet still very detailed and airy.

Airy is a good keyword as there is so much space between the sound layers that it is a pleasure to follow the individual instruments.
The sound layering and positioning are top notch, it’s really fun and gives the impact a bit of an analytical touch, although in my opinion it’s absolutely not an analytical Earphone but a very musical one with analytical skills.

The stage is large and at least on the same level as other TOTL IEMs I have heard so far.

Everything sounds very clear and effortless, nothing is annoying.

Tonally for me it’s an A+ and nothing less than that in terms of technical skills.

I am impressed!

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