Reviews by marleyfan


New Head-Fier
Pros: Build quality, looks, bass
Cons: Hard to find controls, highs
I was looking for a pair of BT headphones on a budget and saw these on sail on Cyber Monday.  While waiting for them to arrive I read a lot and liked what I read about the Jabra Move, which were about $50 cheaper. So I grabbed a pair of those and when HOM's arrived and I was able to compare the two.  
Look's wise the HOM's are awesome.  They have a great look that is very classy and stylish, as opposed to the Jabra's more industrial look.  I so wanted to like them enough to keep them just for that. That, combined with my username on here almost makes me feel obligated to own a pair with the HOM branding.  But sadly, I didn't care for the sound quality.  
What I didn't like was the highs.  They just weren't there.  Cymbals sounded muted, guitar strings on acoustic tracks weren't bright and lively.  It really detracted from the listening experience.  On the other hand, for the money, the Jabra's were quite nice.  Good mostly clean bass and much more pronounced highs than the HOM's.  I kept the Jabra's and am very happy with the choice.  Too bad.  The HOM's were so pretty.