Reviews by hb-subyman


New Head-Fier
Pros: Great sound, great lows, mids and highs, wore headphones for 7 - 8 hours without any pain, very isolating.
Cons: Needs to have two cables one to each can so you can used balanced cables.
I originally purchased the PM-3 cans back in July from OPPO and thought they had no bass response and just did not sound great, so I sent them back.  Since then I tested vmoda M100's, Sennheiser 280's and Momentum 2.0's.  I also have a pair of Sennheiser HD 700 that I love.  The vmoda's were very good sounding headphone with lots of bass and they covered the sound spectrum fairly well, but the highs were just a little subdued but not to much.  Comfort for the vmoda's was not great.  If the cans had more movement to fit your head better and a larger opening for the earpads they would be much better.  Did not spend a lot of time with the 280's because they just did not impress me very much.  The Momentum 2.0's were very good as far as sound quality but just were not very comfortable.  Also, everything was tested with and without a vmoda Verza amp which I think is very good.
Now to the PM-3's.  So, after testing all of the above I decided to try the PM-3's again based on all the newer reviews since I had purchase them back in July.  Well, I have let them burn in for 24 hours and they are just amazing cans.  I find they sound better with audiophile music with the amp but they are not bad even with the iPhone and no amp.  The bass shows itself when needed and some say the highs are subdued but I find with the vmoda amp the bass and highs come alive.  The mids are spot on.  I have used my mac as well with audiophile music and they sound awesome.  The soundstage is small but very clean. I slept the last two nights with the PM-3's, fell asleep and woke up in the morning with music still playing with the cans still on my head without any pain and actually was nice waking up to quality music on my ears.  Some might say the cans are a little tight but give them a chance and you will find that they find there way to become more and more comfortable as time goes on.

How do you compare them to the Senn Momentum 2.0 in sound quality... unamped?