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500+ Head-Fier
Pros: balanced sound with slight Bass emphasis. Great build, transportable, best on the go sound I have heard, block sounds of busy NYC streets and subway, great case
Cons: Price ( I paid $775 on amazon) at $999, Ear cups are a bit smaller than say a sony MDRZ7 and may not fit big ears, Single exit cable can't be used with balanced amps (unless modded)
I had these professionally modded to allow for the use of a balanced cable.
I used these with a IBasso DX200, Dx150 w Amp 3, Sony zx300, Sony TAZH1ES.
The build is excellent. Solid, beautiful leather cups (may be too small for big ears) and headband that resist sweat unlike typical leather (this is Ethiopian sheep leather). The fit is snug but not tight. The ability to deaden the outside noise on busy NYC street, trains, and subway are best ever for closed back (Sony MDRZ7 stinks in comparison).
They need some power, I felt sony zx300 (4.4 balanced) came up short. The IBasso w Amp 3 (2.5 balanced) gave it the extra power to push the lower end to where it sounded alive and full. The Sony TAZ also pushed it to an even greater extent (4.4 balanced). Bottom line is that they are not as efficient as some other closed backs and as such need a bit more power for it to sound even better.
The lows are slightly accentuated, but are not bloated and never effect the mids. The mids are good but at times can seem slightly recessed and not as articulate as I think they should, but thats more with male singers than female. The highs in general are never shrill but still have that sparkle that I like when its supposed to be there.
I listen to mostly classic rock but tested these with everything from the doors to fleetwood mack to 2pac to U2 to DMB. I will say like any headphone, the better the source material the better these headphones sound
My favorite match is the Ibasso DX 200 and 150 with the 2.5 balanced amp3. Great all around sound w enough power to drive them effectively on the go
And speaking of on the go, these fold down flat into a beautiful case, or fold in half into an even smaller profile. Either way they are very transportable and fairly lite. I love the supplied case as I can keep the cables attached and also keep my Ibasso inside secure.
If you want or need transportable, high quality material, and a headphone that sounds as good as many other higher priced headphones, this is a winner.
I compared these to CA cascade, Sennhesier HD800S and Sony MDRZ1R. Cascade are so bassy even after 100 hours burn in I sold them. Love my Senns, supper open sound stage and natural presentation (and no they are not bass devoid just natural if there is bass in the song they are true to it), and The sony's while a smooth listen seemed kind of flat in the highs which I guess make them so smooth.
All in all for critical listening and for pure enjoyment I love my Senns, but on the go I feel while the Ultrasones are different, they give me a at home sound experience on the go and while not as perfect as my senns are a good sacrifice for on the go listening.
I had also listened to the CA Vega, andromeda and Doarado. Bought and sold all 3. The sound isn't bad in any of them but IEM just don't give me that sense of openness that a over ear can (and by openness I mean sounstage of which the ultrasone while way behind the Senns still is fantastic)
As you can tell I am not true audiophile. I love music and am always looking for new tech. I got these modded to keep forever. And the way they are built I would say they will outlast many other headphones.
I also have had the Audio Technica 50X just for comps as they seem to have a similar form factor (although built cheap in comparison). Hands down the ultrasones blow them away. Sony MDRZ7 w 4.4 balanced were good but when I got the ultrasones I sold the Sony that day
I love em. I say audition them and if you like them and feel you are missing a dual exiting cable and the balanced option, look up Pterek on etsy. He did them reasonably priced w great precision. Mine are dual exiting 3.5 sony locking collars (he can do whatever you want). Highly Rec these!
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