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New Head-Fier
Pros: "Almost" Neutral, Deep Bass, Impressive Sound-stage and Good Build Quality
Cons: Requires a lot of burn-in
If you are looking at the RHA-MA750, you already have done a bit of research about how they sound. So, I will get straight to my review.

Sound Quality:
Let me start off by saying that these are reference quality buds...meaning, if you are a bass-head, stay away from these! These are "almost" neutral sounding in-ears. Right out of the box I felt these were harsh (overly-bright) sounding, which was later corrected after a long period of burn-in. Bass is clean and not over or under emphasized. The sub bass kind of felt subdued at first. But after some burn-in I really felt that the sub bass was adequate. Sound-stage of these are the best I've heard in any of my IEMs, even with no burn-in. One thing to note, though, is that you need to be wary of the songs you play through these. As these are reference level IEMs, they are unforgiving of bad recordings (with flat/no equalization). I mostly use them with my Schiit Fulla USB DAC and Amp Combo with my PC as the source, but you really don't need a headphone amp to drive these, as they are easy to drive, and you don't need something fancy for them to sound their best. As a side note- I listen to a wide genre of music, for instance: Rock, Alternative, Metal, Country, R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop and Classical, and these do not disappoint.

With the right ear-tip, these are quite comfortable. For me, the tip that worked, was the provided Comply Comfort Plus memory foam tip (TSX-200). There shouldn't be an issue with the fit, at least there wasn't for me. They are not that heavy and don't fall out of my ear. Once placed in, I don't feel like I have an earbud inside my ear: Yes, they are that comfortable for me! I won't lie, it takes some time adjusting to it, especially if you have never used something like these. But once you get accustomed to them, they are enjoyable.

Build Quality:
These are well-built. With stainless steel housing, connector and splitter, these seem like to last forever. The cord is thick enough to make me think that it's unbreakable. And when a company backs a product with a three year warranty, you certainly feel confident with your purchase.

For the money you spend on these, nothing beats them. Though MA-750 requires a lot of burn-in, and don't sound as good out of the box, they are some of the best that I have ever heard. They surely compete with other IEMs that cost twice the price.
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