The Fubar 4 Plus combines a 24 Bit DAC and Hi-End Headphone Amplifier into one spectacular unit....

Audiophile Products Fubar IV Plus - Silver USB DAC / Headphone Amplifier

  • The Fubar 4 Plus combines a 24 Bit DAC and Hi-End Headphone Amplifier into one spectacular unit. The 192 kHz upsampling feature lets you experience the most life-like and natural sound you'll hear from your digital sources. Inputs include USB and a high end 24 Bit / 96 kHz DAC with both Digital Coax and Toslink Optical inputs. Listen with your headphones from the 1/4-inch jack or send your music directly to your stereo from the RCA outputs.

Recent Reviews

  1. HyperDuckling
    Nice sound for higher impedance cans
    Written by HyperDuckling
    Published Aug 6, 2014
    Pros - Great sounding, build quality, aesthetics
    Cons - Slight hiss with low impedance cans
    I purchased this a couple of months back with a "Firestone Supplier" which is basically just a power supply, so I dont get what the fuss is about... something with clean power... whatever... I got it for free so why the heck not? :) This is part of Firestones "Cute" series, so this amp/dac combo is very small, though the Supplier takes up just as much space as the amp itself (made with the same enhousement)
    - I've switched out the standart op-amp (OPA2604) with 2x OPA627, but (this could just be my ears...) didn't really notice the difference (this could also be due to me not listening to them side-by-side).
    However the sound... what can i say?... MASSIVE step up from the normal on-board sound on my motherboard (ALC889), the sound's so clean and neutral, pair this with a nice (high impedance... explanation later) headphone and you got yourself some nice equipment!
    - Now to the low impedance "problems", I've tried this amp with multiple low impedance headphones (Sennheiser Momentum, and a bunch of IEM's) just to conclude that it's not the headphones, but the amp creating the slight hiss in the background. When listening to music I dont notice it, however when there's no audio playing I can clearly hear a hissing sound (though when I'm not listening to any audio I usually take of my headphones any way, because I have some tinnitus which is pissing me off.
    But if you have some higher impedance cans (100+ ohm) I'd definetly recommend this amp, however at the "stock" prising (of the updated versions) there's some tough competition out there, ex: the O2/ODAC
    Enjoy your music :)
  2. krizar
    Small , nice looking and good sounding
    Written by krizar
    Published Jul 15, 2014
    Pros - power for big cans , two gain settings , nice feeling and big analog volume controll
    Cons - 96Khz SPDIF, only 48Khz USB
    sufficient volume for me :
    HD650 max on 11 o'clock
    Q701 max on 12 o'clock
    AKG K550 on 10 o'clock


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