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  1. Landis
    "Gorgeous, Musically and Visually"
    Pros - Warm mids, detailed highs, good mid bass, beautiful aesthetics and quite comfortable.
    Cons - Detailed highs can get a bit fatiguing, bass is lighter than prefered and projectile crying anytime anything comes close to brushing the cups.
    Nothing beats the morning light hitting the dark sanguine coloured cups on the W10vtg.
    If you want to skip the breakdown of these headphones and decide if they're for you, ask yourself if you like warm musical mids with a little bite on the high end-- if you answered yes, buy these headphones if not just for the headphone woody history and for the piece of art that they are. 
    Sound: The trick to getting the best out of these headphones is really dependent on the fitting. If you don't get your ears in just the right position inside those lovely leather pads, then you're missing out on a world of awesome. I was rather disappointed with my first listen as I didn't take the time to view the fitting diagram included, so the sound was a bit thin and bright. After wedging my ears around, the mids instantaneously became incredibly more apparent and full of life.
    This headphone is very musical and therefore majority of vocals, strings and brass instruments do wonders with it. This is a bit of an interesting signature as usually warmer headphones I've tried were very forgiving because of it, but with the more detailed highs on the W10vtgs, static and pops from older recordings stand out like a box of hobos in a fashion store.
    Build Quality / Comfort: The leather pads are very comfortable, although it took some getting used to as it kind of feels like some giant leather lipped monster is sucking on my ears due to the squished seal the pads form... Not that there's anything wrong with being ear-smooched by leather monsters. The wings are interesting and never having used a winged AT headphone, I didn't know what to expect... particularly the destruction of any hair style you may have going. They're very light with nearly no pressure to the top of the head. Build quality of the wings are questionable as they feel like if I tugged too hard on them, they would snap like an organic carrot in the mouth of a hungry walrus. I should note that these headphones are fourteen years old... I was shocked when I saw the condition as they didn't look fourteen weeks old. Regardless of whatever faults it may have, the previous owner made them last this long and out of all the threads I reviewed before their purchase, not one person complained about build quality. Also, those wood cups create a certain romance in one's eye that would make any lover jealous.
    Bottomline: There really isn't too much of a reason to not give these a try if you can find them (this is the harder part) and for a reasonable price. Worst case scenario, you could always get back what you paid, if not more. Again, if you like warm mids with a bite in the highs, these are for you.
    - Evan

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