Audio-Technica ATHANC7 Noise-cancelling Headphones - Reviews
Pros: Noise cancelling, easy to drive even from Phones, good sound
Cons: can sound slightly nasal, somewhat dark tonal balance
Unlike the rest of the headphones here they do have a secret weapon. Noise Cancellation. If you sit in the tail of the Airplane, there is a lot of noise. These headphones cut the roar down to a loud whisper with noise cancellation engaged. It makes all the difference. Noise cancelling is not perfect, but it places you in a bubble of quiet with your choice of music while the modern world is screaming its technological head off.  You can now sit next to a screaming baby and just engage the noise cancellation…well not quite but you get the gist.
Without the noise cancelling I would consider this a slick pair of ‘Cans’ with good, if by no means exceptional performance. On the plane, train, bus or in a noisy street they are what an ice-cold drink is to a muggy august afternoon stroll down Nathan Road in Kowloon, Hong Kong (moisture 80%, temperature 38 Celsius); calming, relaxing and way kool.

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Pros: Good noise canceling, good experience, cheap
Cons: not classical, heavy, comfort
Decent headphone for begineer. It work well on flights. But heavy and warm. Definitely a heavy-duty headphone.
Pros: good sound; especailly with the noise cancelling on
Cons: noise cancelling circit picks up mobile phone interfearance
I've had these headphones for a few years now and I still love them.  They are noise canceling closed back headphones and that does make a difference to the sound.  I occasionally swap my usual open backed headphones for these and listen to something rocky and I'm amazed at the extra punch and the details they find that my usual phones don't.  Changing headphones / speakers nearly always brings something new out of the music.
I usually use them to listen on the train - mostly to pod-casts and occasionally to music; With the noise canceling switch on the air-con and general noise of the train drops away allowing me to listen without having to turn the volume up to much.  But the beat of mobile-phones keeping in touch with the base station quickly becomes annoying so I have to turn it off again.
With no noise canceling circuit the sound is still very good and the isolation from the foam bads is worth having on the train;  They are comfortable to wear but my ears get hot after an hour or so.  Also I find rock tracks become tiring after a couple of hours and go back my usual open-backs 'phones.
When I take them off on the journey they don't sit comfortably around my neck; so if I'm not wearing them its better to put them away in my bag.