1. culture

    Koss QZ900

    Hi, I did a search of this forum and found not much information about the Koss QZ900. Also, there do not exist really good reviews of this product online. Does anybody have them and can compare them to other full size noise cancellation headphones in this price range (100-150$)? If it...
  2. kool bubba ice

    ATHANC7 review.
  3. Audio-Technica ATHANC7 Noise-cancelling Headphones

    Audio-Technica ATHANC7 Noise-cancelling Headphones

    Audio-Technica's lightweight and compact ATH-ANC7 QuietPoint headphones are ideal for use with MP3, CD, DVD and in-flight entertainment systems; with fully integrated ANC circuitry that effectively reduces distracting background noise by up to 85% (active noise reduction up to 20dB). 40mm...