General Information

ATH-T500 with a wide headband for a comfortable fit around the head. The 53mm driver unit produces superior quality sound for users to enjoy the listening experience. Built with φ3.5 gold-plating stereo mini-plug attached with a standard plug. The over-the-ear earpads are soft and prevents the sound from leaking.

Latest reviews

Pros: Comfortable, Light, Long Cable, cheap for starters
Cons: Pleather starts to peel on the headband and the ear cushions, forwarded mids, muddy highs
Nothing bad really apart from the ones I mentioned...great for beginners who are starting to appreciate good sounding heaphones...Will last you a couple of years before you start jumping to AD700 or higher... Works well without an amp, very driveable by portable media players, sound might a little bit forwarded to my ears :wink:


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