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The Ath-M50X Features The Same Coveted Sonic Signature, Now With The Added Feature Of A Detachable Cable. The M50X Provides An Unmatched Experience For The Most Critical Audio Professionals

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New Head-Fier
Heavyweight build, poor and claustrophobic sound and comfort
Pros: The plastic doesn't break easily, they look cool
Cons: a surprising list of things
After many years I routinely try to come back to these as if they'll suddenly improve on my next listen, but unfortunately they just don't sound very good. I'm not too familiar with the 110USD range, but I am with the 25-60USD and the 250-350USD ranges and I can say that this is not a middle ground I'd ever spend money on if I were to do it again. I have a 25 dollar pair on-ear Sony's (ZX-300) I put a couple foam pads into and as a result it sounds much better than these. I have a 60 dollar Sony basshead pair (XB500) and it tops these in every way stock.

My least favorite part is the treble and bass, both in quantity and quality. The quality of the treble is abrasive and unrefined (aka there are phasing issues, whether it be the enclosure or less likely the driver). The quantity of the treble tricks you into thinking they are 'precise', but for me it just gets fatiguing extremely fast. The bass quantity is also very heavy and that level carries into the low mids a bit but not in an enjoyable way. The bass quality suffers from what the rest of the spectrum does, a lack of dynamic range and phasing issues that result in a 'loose' sound. This is a headphone I'm afraid to listen to at my normal volume because it does occasionally surprise me with some resonant interjections in the ~500 ~8k Hz regions where there really should be none.

Sound stage is almost non-existent despite there being actual outer reverb channels on the baffle. Sounds like everything is playing in half-mono. Sound wise all in all these would not be very good for professional mixing, mastering or sound design applications.

The comfort is not uniquely terrible or anything (I suffered through PSB/NAD's designs so I know a thing or two about that), but the pads feel almost on-ear as much as over ear for me and my ears are not that large. The ear 'chamber' is very very small and your ear will press against the thin foam over top the plastic baffle. The pads are not very soft. These get pretty hot while wearing them.

If noise isolation is an important factor to you, these are fully sealed and isolate very well. Not my thing to be fair, I don't like hearing my own bodily functions while these are on.

The build is a high quality plastic one, but the pleather headband material will deteriorate and flake off over time. I don't like how heavy these are, they really have a presence on my head, especially with the claustrophobic ear chambers.

If you can pick these up in decent condition for around 50 bucks they might be worth it if you have nothing better already.
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Just for accuracy I'll correct myself on "these are fully sealed", they of course aren't 100% sealed, they have a tiny port and the space around the hinges may also port a little. They don't use a sealant or gasket on the plastic.
The phasing I was hearing was reduced by replacing the reverb ports' mesh film with melamine foam. Improved sound stage a bit and reduced direct driver bass quantity a bit. Driver isn't glued in place, only screwed meaning some early reflections port directly to the ear which I fixed. Sounds a bit 'closer', but still an issue esp with spacial stereo effects in music.

The driver itself is responsible for the most significant 'abrasive' sound, which I can almost liken to the difference between an old iPhone speaker vs an a Galaxy phone speaker, where the Galaxy speaker has more spectral 'power' at the expense of precision, and it sounds almost kind of warbly and bubbly. The driver grills are partly to blame for the 'distant' sound because all 4 center holes are facing away from the ear canal, but the 'warbly' sound is definitely a quality of the driver. Even my dime a dozen drivers sound more precise than these across the entire spectrum, which I really find interesting.

Shoujo Ramune 1

New Head-Fier
Pros: Serviceable Build
Cons: Everything else
5 years have passed since this piece of crap was hyped up by the likes of tech****s like Markass Brownlee and later pissed on 2 years after by the god of headphones himself Z Reviews. I sat down with this headphone with high hopes years ago when I first got into the hobby, left the store with nothing but disappointment and confusion. A pair was loaned to me by my dear friend Sultan Mohammad Najib bin Abdul Razak a week ago, so I gave it another go.

Build: (7/10)
Nothing special, what you would expect from a $130 headphone, faux leather pads and headband, full plastic build with the exception of the headband adjustment. Seems durable enough, not exceptional, not crap, the only thing that's decent about this headphone.

Comfort: (4/10)
Becomes hot and painful after >30 min of use because of high clamping pressure and sub-par pads.

Bass: (6/10)

Bloated, bleeds into the mids, excessive in quantity, lacking in quality

Mids: (3/10)
Muddy, feels like a cum rag was blanketed over the drivers

Treble: (5/10)
Like the bass, it is excessive and lacks nuance and control, also has a peak at around 10K. Makes the sound shrill, sharp and rape for the ears

Clarity: (4/10)
Muddy, veiled, or any of their synonyms.

Soundstage: (4/10)
Narrow, almost to the point where it sounds linear. Imaging is serviceable.

Overall Sound: (4/10)
The sound has an obvious v-shape characteristic to it, albeit too exaggerated on the low and top end. Individually, the components which form its sound are not the worst at this price point. However when coupled with the immensely narrow soundstage, it simply creates an unpleasant listen, amplifying the overly aggressive treble and making the lack of clarity and fullness of the mids more noticeable.

It is as much of a shitter headphone now as it was 5 years ago. Still sounds like a turd with needles being force fed into your ear. Don't buy it.
How is dissing M50 still a thing? This is not 2016 anymore.
I concur with your review. My workhorse for music production is the Audeze LCD-2. I made a mistake choosing the ATH-M50x as a closed-can. I am still looking for a closed-can that can replace the LCD-2 in the situations when I need closed headphones (e.g.: recording)


New Head-Fier
Pros: Extreme clarity for both his and lows, good ear coverage, can handle a decent amount of power, mobile.
Cons: Not the comfiest on the top of my head. (Might be my headhsape.)
I purchased these headphones based on reviews, specifications, and looks and I am not disappointed in the least. The initial comfort for the headphones was good, but it took some adjusting to stop the headband from applying too much pressure on the top of my head (might be my head alone that has this problem). Listening to Santana Abraxus DSD 2.8MHz on my Fiio X3 II, My first impression of sound was the amazing clarity and definition on high notes. Crisp and clear without sounding too high. I would like to know if those complaining about emphasized highs are using equalizers as I tend not too. The lows are extremely well handled as well without overpowering the track. I enjoy listening to a mix of classical, rock, alternative, and jazz and these seem to be very well balanced enough to handle all sorts of genres. I do not have much hi-res music in the heavy metal realm, so I do not have a feeling for that. For the price, these are a fantastic deal for entry level headphones and the build quality and sound at this level makes me want to try there higher end phones if I can ever save up for them.
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thx for the review
i played Dilate by Ani DiFranco and it sounded sweet on the m50xs.... every detail was present, and this was a regular 16/44khz, 30mb flac file.
after that: 24/96khz flac, SACD 400mb in size, HDTracks.... i can't get the same detail. some were really bad
now i dont know: is the m50x a "picky" headphone?
where do u guys get your hq audio files from?
i'm running them from my PC and smartphone with onkyo player... would a dac make any difference?


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