AUDIO TECHNICA ath CK90Pro - Reviews
Pros: Fantastic mids, good bass for armature, amazing balance
Cons: Cable could be a bit thicker
Anyone looking for a highly balanced, highly detailed sound look no further. The CK90 pro is a great IEM and is unfortunate it doesn't receive as much recognition as it should.
The best part of it's smooth sound, is it's lush mids; on par with great mid names such as Sennheiser and Shure. The bass is good for an armature driver. It has great presence and impact, but it lacks the definition that a dynamic driver has. The treble is smooth and non-fatuiging. Highly detailed when you do the foam mod. Overall you get an extremely balanced IEM that does every great especially the mids.
These are also very comfortable, and the isolation is better than most IEM's.
Build is good. Although the cables that connect to the monitors themselves are thinner than the cable with the L-jack which is a bit disappointing.
I will say that these IEM's do better when amped. With my E5 there was a pretty noticeable difference in sound quality. These can be somewhat mediocre if unamped.
Overall a great IEM and I much prefer this over my previously owned DBA-02.