1. average_joe

    Monster Cable Turbine Pro Copper vs. the IE8, CK10, CK90Pro (modded), RE252, 10, FX500, WM2 silver, and Some e-Q7

    I am sure you already know all about the Monster Cable Turbine Pro Copper IEM and what it comes with (if you don't, it is easy to find) so this comparison review is only a sound quality/presentation comparisons of the Copper vs. many other high-end IEMs. I tried to use a wide selection of genres...
  2. LostOne.TR

    Audio Technica CK90Pro MK2 (ath-ck90pro mkII)

    the brief: like new, 1 month old ck90pro mk2     the background story: Around the end of november, my previous CK10 started having issues with sound cutting out on one side. Took it in for warranty repairs, ended up being told that I would just be given a replacement. The only issue...
  3. xinghui0711

    ATH CK90PRO MK2 and concerns with Warehouse123

    I'm looking for ATH CK90PRO MK2 at Warehouse123. I have read several reviews about this IEMs which seems to be awesome for me, especially a fan of Audio-Technica xD However, I haven't done any purchase through it, so I am wondering about if this site is legit to u guys. Please help me out~...
  4. S

    WTB Audio Technica CK90pro (not mk ii) Australia

    Want a pair of ATH CK90pro, the older version, not the MK 2, im just at australia feel free to shoot me a message cheers guys !
  5. DerekW88

    URGENT! Audio Technica CK10 vs CK90pro MKII (To buy or not to buy tis the Question...)

    Hi,   I've had to make a new account since i forgot the pass to my old one, but i need help in deciding which of the two (CK10 or CK90proMKII) is better, if anyone who owns/ has owned the two before could you list the good and bad points of the two and conclude as to which one is better and...
  6. ShadowReave

    best <$300 headphones for me?

    hey, I've been reading the articles on this forum for a while now trying to decide for myself but every time i think I've come to a conclusion i learn of a new headphone and my list of possibles is just getting bigger. I'm new to the world of good headphones, i bought a pair of skullcandy agents...
  7. dilemmalyn

    Upgrading from Atrios

    Is there anything better than the Atrios in terms of bass and isolation under $400? Any help would be greatly appreciated (I have lurked this site every time I decided to replace the Atrios).   I really like the heavy bass (I listen to techno/house) and the great isolation using Shure...
  8. keanex

    Fake Audio Technica CK90? Fake Pictures? Or perhaps just one hell of a deal?

    A friend linked me this on Dealsextreme and I was wondering if anyone had experience with this. I'm highly doubting they're real, more than likely Chinese knockoffs like many things sold here, and I assume the pictures are stolen to trick the buyer into thinking they're getting Audio Technica...
  9. RokYa

    TF10 Alternative: Atrio MG7 vs ATH CK90Pro vs JVC FXT90 vs Sony EX700

    Hi guys   I need help on finding a pair of 'perfect' earphones suited for my needs. I first started the hunt for a pair of IEM's on my thread ( but I thought I'd start a new one as I've changed the earphones in...
  10. FinnTheHumen

    I'm So Disappointed (Audio-Technica ATH-CKS90)

    i brought the ATH-CKS90 looking for bass and great sound for a good price...boy was I fooled..I downloaded some FLACs then put in the earphones..I was like wow this can't be it  so I turned up the volume... what i got was noise and 0 to -0 bass.My $20 workout headphones has better bass. i do't...
  11. WakiDabeast

    How would the TMA-1 compare to the ATH-M50

    Just curious how would they compare in a few categories- Isolation? Sound Quality?       treble?       mids?       bass? Also will the TMAs easily slip off your head because it need to be able to stay on my head better than my M50's  Also how hard does the bass hit? can you like...
  12. Oopu


    Hello Head-fi!   Any office workers out there? I've recently moved to a pretty small office where wearing my lovely Audio Technica ATH-AD700s is no longer an option due to the noise leakage, but neither is isolating myself from the rest of the world with a set of IEMs. I was wearing some...
  13. cjkb90

    IE8 vs. Monster Turbine Pro Copper/Gold/MD for "Techno"

    Hey everyone, first of all, even though its my first post I'm by no means new to Head Fi. I've been reading reviews and threads here for about a year, but I never got an account out of fear I might end up never being satisfied and spending thousands on audio (a situation I'm sure many of you...
  14. AlexanderMKD

    Audio-Technica ATH-CKS90 or BRAINWAVZ M2. Better in overall sound especially bass?

    As the title says which one is best choice for overall sound and for bass (i like it more strong and punchy)?   I can get the BRAINWAVZ M2s for 59.50$ from mp4nation   and CKS90 genuine unused, just the earphones for 60$, from ebay?     Thanks
  15. takoyaki7

    JVC Dual Dynamic HA-FXT90 Review

         First of all let me begin this review by saying the FXT90 did not leave a good first impression. I stumbled upon them at Bic Camera a few weeks ago while auditioning several other phones, and gave them a brief listen. My first impressions were that they sounded muddy and distorted. Of...
  16. mvw2

    For those of you who ever even remotely contemplated the RE-252...

    Buy them.   Right now I have a pile of earphones sitting on my desk as I very slowly and not so diligently amass a big review for all of them. (thread elsewhere but not important till I actually finish it up)  I've used a number of other earphones along with the RE-252 in the past as well...
  17. K

    audio-technica ath-ckm 90 vs. head-direct re-zero

    hello everyone! i'm about to buy my first portable good in-ear phones and here i stand between head-direct re-zero and audio-technica ckm 90, after three month of search so can you help me guys a bit, please? i want to know will 80$ for ckm 90 coast them, can i hear the difference between zero...
  18. vcjha

    best IEM for audiophile sound with perfect bass to satisfy preference

    Alright so I have the pleasure of getting the headphones of my choice because my friend broke my $80 pair.  So there's my price range.  I referred to joker's LONG 134 IEM thread but then realized that his rating is based on as close as an headphone can get to actual sound, in other words, a...
  19. Catalepsis

    Dubstep - UKG IEM?

    Hi everyone, im kinda new this iem stuff. I've got like $150, and im a totally dubstep-ukg addict. One of my friends told me that "Audio-Technica ATH-CKS90" is good for my needs, but i'd like to hear your advices! Thanks, and sorry for my english :)
  20. yliu

    Audio Technica ATH CK9? Anyone have them?

    I just found that my local apple retailer started selling the CK9s for around 120 USD. So would it be a good deal? I don't even know how much is the CK9 MSRP.
  21. edvardd

    IEMs to shine with female vocals

    As the title says, Im looking for a pair of earphones that shines with female vocals, that captures the heart of their voice. Ofcourse this varies since they all sing at a different pitch. But you get the idea. Im listening to artists like Emilia Torrini, Laura Veirs and Regina spektor...
  22. laerm

    Out of the loop, happy to be back (after some recommendations, hopefully)

    Hey all --   I have been out of the loop here for several years as I went back to college and new audio gear was definitely not in the budget...but now that I've graduated and found a good job, hey, let the insanity begin!   I had a pair of ER-4p's for a few years in the early 2000s...
  23. james0195

    shure olive foamies & audio technica ck9s advice required

    recieved my ck9s, i disagree with all the bad reviews i like them, though i agree the bass is a bit lacking after reading a few forums apparently the foamies help, anyone agree?   also where can i get these in the uk, i dont want to buy the wrong ones.    amp wise - using ibasso d2...
  24. james0195

    bit worried about something i bought on ebay?

    audio technica ck9   for an ex display model apparently   the user doesnt have any feedback for any other headphones (just cables) has other listings (cables) and speakers feedback is like 491   am i being paranoid, after i had previously boguht a fake of something *though i got...
  25. communic

    ATH-CK90Pro Impressions

    Not the biggest fan of audio technica as from reading, most of their armature based iems appear geared towards treble and I'm more a bass kinda guy (though not at the expense of neutrality)! I, however, bought these as I was intrigued by their 'horn' shaped driver and its physical properties on...