Audio Technica ATH-C505i BK In-Ear Headphones for iPod iPhone iPad

General Information

Play sound with deep φ15mm with large caliber driver.
Adopted not experience the type earplugs, the unique drivers of large inner-ear type, you can enjoy sound with depth.
Expressive bass playing in the new design Exciter base dimension.
Easy operation with volume control and hand / rewind / feed / music play / pause music and videos.
Without a series of operations during operations such as iPod touch or iPhone, and look at the screen and manipulate to unlock each time, with a remote control / microphone to enjoy music and video smart. Click operation, basic operation is performed quickly.
Corresponding to, for example, calls and iPod voice memo on the iPhone built-in condenser microphone.
built-in condenser microphone that can support call ended answer / in iPhone, Voice Control and voice memos, and voice over in iPod.

Sensitivity: 102dB
Impedance: 16ohm
Frequency Range: 20~20,000Hz

Latest reviews

Pros: Very comfortable, flat sound, cheap, black,long cable, no micro phonics, can hear your environment.
Cons: Hard to find, price goes high sometimes.
These and Earpods are my go to for everyday use when I need to hear things around me. They have a great flat sound and do not hurt my ears. The long cable with a 90 degree end is great. I wish these were easier to find and the price was always low. These need to be in more stores! try them if you like airy ear buds on the cheap. The remote is easy to feel and use. phone calls sound good and people can here me better than Bluetooth headsets.


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