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  1. talon1212
    "Great headphone, Can use it for hours without fatigue"
    Pros - Very comfortable (best part for me), Good sound quality
    Cons - Cheap cable
    My personal thoughts on audio hardware
    When I heard these headphones, I wasn't blown away at all.
    But headphones never did this with me, and in my opinion, all headphones sounds kinda the same anyway.
    When I heard the LCD-2, my thoughts were, sure these sound kinda good I guess. but yeah... not anywhere near a crystal clear difference compared to any decent but not expensive headphone.
    With an EQ you can make all headphones sounds similar.
         If you never bought high end headphones, and finally get them in the mail, after you read all those amazing reviews.
         and you finally put them on..... Its just gonna be sound, it sure won't sound bad at all !! but don't expect to be blown away.
         So keep that in mind when you buy those 500 dollar headphones.
    Sound quality comes mostly from the music itself and the artists composing skills. for me, comfort comes next, and then a sound signature that I like.
    -VERY comfortable, I love the 3d wings, the only headphones that I actually wear for more than an hour. I HARDLY notice I have them on my head, Unlike every other headphone I ever wore.
    And the only headphones I can wear while high on drugs (because when on stuff, any slightly uncomfortable headphones are REALLY annoying, and I will just revert to speakers)
    -Nothing wrong with the sound quality, I really don't like boomy-bass, And these have Accurate, Punchy bass, which is perfect!
    All the bass is there, but it wont rumble.
    (I still recommend using the EQ to make the lower frequencies slightly louder, but not too much, also between 1khz and 2khz about +2db)
    -The highs are not fatiguing, yet very bright
    -Soundstage, I played some Bioshock Infinite and CS:GO with this, with properly configured virtual surround. And I could pinpoint sounds around me very well. But not significantly better than with some cheaper headphones. Again, wasn't blown away or anything.
    >But with music, When listening to music I noticed a significant improvement in soundstage, I listened to some good recorded instrumental, and could really hear the sound all around me. Unlike with closed headphones.
         Sadly I listen mostly to PsyTrance Psybient and IDM. which won't have much of this 'directional'(?) audio
    -People report that it feels like a cheap headphone.
    But it just feels cheap because its light, which makes it very comfortable.
    They might feel cheap, but IMO they are just fine.
    -The cable is too long for me
         Not detachable
         Made of plastic that stays in its curly shape from the package-ing forever.
    -You look silly due to the design
    -Not very suitable for outside use, recommend to keep them in your house.
    -Well it was 160 bucks, so you need to have that kinda money, but if you want the most comfortable headphone with perfectly fine audio.
    And will last you for years and years. then do it!
    -Not for bass heads, the bass is accurate and punchy, but not boomy
    And dubstep is just boring without the boomy part. Probably because most dubstep tracks, if you remove the the frequencies from 1hz to 500hz, you're left with silence
    To solve some problems with the 3D wing design:
    If the headphones don't sit on your head properly,
    Push the 3d-wings down, pretty hard. for a few minutes.
    They will fit better after that.
    If it clamps on your head too much, I recommend stretching the entire headphone apart to bend the headband structure, and lessen the clamp
    Do this bit by bit, trying how it fits before you stretch it too much.
    Mold it into perfectly to your heads shape
    Also search google for "the rubber band" mod for this headphone, you put a rubber band between the 3d wings, this is very easy to do.
    and makes it so that the 3d wings are always properly applied to your skull, It doesn't defeat the purpose of the 3d wing design though, the wings are FAR more comfortable than a full headband that goes along your head.
    If you have any questions, leave them here in the comments.
    I'll try to notice the email in time and reply
    I just cant stop thinking this, they are SO comfortable, It's like you don't even have headphones on.
    See the Tricks/mods section to make them the perfect shape for your head.
  2. kite7
    "Excellent value, good representation of the ATH AD sound"
    Pros - Crispy highs, wide soundstage, great with vocals
    Cons - Lacking bass impact, highs can be slightly fatiguing, can be picky with genre
    Note: This headphone is for music that does not rely heavily on bass for enjoyment; it doesn’t have that body at the lower end that is for that genre. If you listen to mainstream pop a lot, these are likely not for you. These headphones are not all rounder headphones like the HD558 which can sound good with everything but does not wow me in ways the AD900X can.
    These headphones do not have that metallic sheen over the upper midrange and highs like the AD700 which turned me off. That was the least enjoyable aspect for the AD700, not sure if it is fixed on the AD700X .
    First thing I thought was that these headphones lacked dynamics when I put them on because they sound light in the sense that they don’t exert the authority in bass. My first day with them I did not like them but that’s because my mind did not yet adjust to its sound signature. It took a week for my ears to adjust and to enjoy these headphones. I am glad I did as I know where the headphones excel .
    The comfort is excellent and these headphones simply disappear overtime. I never felt the clamping force was too much at all. The drivers are angled and the pads are firmer than the AD2000X which is great as my ears do not touch the driver grill. These are probably the most comfortable headphones I have ever owned.
    Build quality:
    Feels solid, looks appealing. Not much to complain about, no creaking anywhere.  I prefer they didn't cover the "headband" with rubber but I guess ATH wanted to make users spend on th AD2000x for that...
    These headphones have a bright sound signature and lush mids; AD2000x is even more so. Some people like the mids to sound a little more recessed as it lets them perceive it as clarity since the mids are more in balance. The midrange is forward on these; just like how I like it on my grado but the mids sound thicker meaning at times it could sound very rich or muddy depending on the song.  As mentioned many many times already, these truly excel with female vocals; sound very lifelike because it does not sound sibilant with female voices. Female voices sound breathy Male voices sound quite good as well but nothing truly out of the ordinary which is perfectly fine. If you really like listening to female singers, I highly suggest trying a ATH AD headphone sometime.
    These headphones offer a good amount of detail, better than the HD558 at picking out nuisances for example plucking on guitar strings is more distinct and edgy. The soundstage also helps with these as the spacing makes things seem less blended in. The background seems more obviously separated from the vocals. Since the midrange is forward, I feel it is hard to perceive depth with these. The soundstage is fairly wide left and right, almost right up there with the K701. Listening to music which already has a wide soundstage because of the way it was mixed will sound quite good on these. I don’t think these headphones sound particularly good with rock music but it is acceptable as the midrange makes the guitars sound too thick for my liking.  
    The highs give everything that crisp top end but depending on the song it could be overwhelming but I am personally used to it by now as I am with more bright headphones. The higher end ATH AD headphones have toned down the highs quite a bit, doesn’t sound nearly as bright but further improves the midrange and bass impact. AD2000x highs sound blanketed compared to AD900X; it doesn’t stand out. I am personally not sure if I want to give away the soundstage and highs going to the AD2000x for its magic mids and better bass.
    Do not expect it to amaze you in anyway. Expect light sounding headphones and keep expectations of bass very low. Of the mids and highs, bass is the frequency range I personally care least about which is why I decided to give ATH a try.
    If you listen to the right songs (such as songs from M83, Explosions In The Sky, She & Him, Sara Bareilles, Lindsey Stirling) these can wow you but on the other hand, listen to something it is not suited (Bullet For My Valentine, Linkin Park,  Lady Gaga, Sum 41)  for then the wow factor is gone and it becomes an average sounding headphone. You can cripple these headphones by playing the wrong music really. When it sound good it is amazing but when it’s bad it’s not pretty at all. 
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  3. NineRedTools
    "Wonderful sound and soundstage"
    Pros - Great soundstage; good, balanced sound; VERY open (can be a con for some); sexy-looking pair!
    Cons - Non-removable cable that can slightly irritate your shoulder; some buzzing when using my amp at low voltage;
    I'll start off by saying I am by no means an audiophile, just a kid with some money and a passion for music.
    These headphones, as far as I can tell, have more prominent mids than most headphones. They really bring out vocals and instruments, but the highs aren't too harsh like most pairs, and the low/bass frequencies are there as well. For an open pair, I'm surprised by the bass. It's nothing like a closed pair, but the bass has impact nonetheless. A very balanced (and amazing-sounding sound) overall!
    If you have a closed pair of headphones and you'd like to imagine how much these leak, get an open pair of headphones and hold them off your head. They isolate literally no noise at all. I can hardly tell I have them on right now as I type this. So if you live in a house with others, be careful if you're shy about your music selection as people in the next room may hear your music at loud volumes. Even at low volumes in a quiet room your music can be heard across the room.
    As far as gaming, I mostly play Battlefield 4 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. These headphones get the job done. Much better than my DT770s, which already have a broad soundstage (for a closed pair, too!). I can hear instruments around me in some well-mastered songs. Some people say these headphones don't resolve well with poorly encoded MP3s or 128kb/s, but it's not too bad, really. Although, lossless is still worlds better.
    These are one of the most comfortable headphones I've worn. They're even more comfortable than the DT770s from beyerdynamic. These headphones don't clamp at all, while the DT770s put some pressure on the top of my head after a few hours use and it stars to hurt. I'd say the only thing wrong with the comfort of these is the cable. It's just the spot where the cable comes out. That thing that holds the cable in place. I don't know what it's called, but that thing can irritate my shoulder at times because of its placement. Other than that, very comfortable headphones.
    While we're talking about the build, the build quality is pretty nice, except for one thing. It's not that they feel cheap, but the way they're held together kind of bothers me. I feel that the "poles" that support the "3D Wings" could snap at any given moment if handled incorrectly. I don't know what they're made of, but I can easily squish them and even bend them a little bit, but I'm afraid too much tension (like from a 3 foot fall at the wrong angle) could kill these headphones. Without that support, you're going to have a hard time wearing these headphones. I hang my headphones by these poles. Also, the 3D Wings things are really better with rubber bands. It's not awful without them, but it gives you much more support at the expense of pulling a few hairs out here and there (albeit looking a little bit silly, as well). Maybe I have a small head, but the earpads kind of hang off the back of my head ever so slightly. I don't even notice until I feel back there, but, since it's an open pair, this really doesn't change the sound at all.
    Overall, I'm impressed with these headphones. They go for around $160 in some places, but can easily be had for $145 or less if you catch the price drop on amazon. They usually drop in price on amazon for about a day, then go back up to $160. If you don't care too much about bass and prefer a much more balanced sound with spacious soundstage, I highly recommend this pair. The only reason I had to give it 4.5 stars was because the non-removable cable and slight worries with the build. Get these if you're in the market for open-backed gaming headphones and if you listen to classical/rock/well-mastered music. They're an amazing value from a highly-reputable brand.

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