Asius Technologies ADEL™ Manual Adjustable Modules (MAM) - Reviews
Pros: Spectrum of adjustments is amazing
Cons: can be finnicky to setup AT FIRST
There are several ways to use the MAM; all the way open, all the way closed, set to the anatomy of your ear or just set somewhere along the spectrum of adjustments the MAM is capable of.  If I'm in a tinkering mood I'll use the hum method(outlined below) to find my sweet spot, one ear at a time.  If I don't feel like doing this, I'll just crank them knobs all the way in so that I'm using as much of the ADEL tech as possible. 
Finding the "sweet spot" in the MAM can be a bit finicky to setup AT FIRST.  The sweet spot is where you set each module INDIVIDUALLY to match the anatomy of each ear.  IMO the hum method is the best method to use to accomplish this, since it configures the module exactly to your ear anatomy.  You simply hum a medium-high pitched note in the top of your mouth with your mouth closed and the module all the way closed(thumbscrew as far out away from the ear as it can go).  Slowly turn the thumbscrew in, listening for the occlusion effect to lesson in the ear you're setting, once you hear the effect lesson you stop and that side is set.  Then simply set the other side and you're done.  A microphone boom-like effect will be observed every time you touch the module since it's connected to something inside your ear canal, this makes the process more difficult but it's just the nature of the beast.
IMO the sweet spot is definitely the best way to use the ADEL, without sounding too woo there is some kind of feeling that happens when the each MAM is precisely matched to the volume each ear anatomy.  I'll echo what I've said about the whole ADEL experience before, it makes music sound more live, like you're there watching the artist perform in front of you.  Everything sounds more intimate, alive and natural.  The MAM takes this effect to another level.   
If you're someone who doesn't want to deal with all that, just crank the turn screws as far into the housing as it will go(going into the ADEL tech).  What you'll notice when you've reached the end is that the bass will again increase because the basket that you're moving back and forth when turning the module is now flush or very close to the ADEL membrane, this causes the pressure on the membrane to increase and the membrane shakes increasing the force of the bass frequencies.
I am extremely satisfied with the workmanship, quality and effects that the MAM has on the sound.  I can essentially dial the sound to my desire at will and it is NOT an EQ since with the ADEL membrane, these adjustments also affect airiness and soundstage width, depth and height in all directions.  MAM has the capability of increasing the soundstage of your ADEL compatible CIEM, the difference in soundstage between a MAM set at maximum soundstage and a module like the S1 module is significant.  You can also decrease isolation as necessary, for example the 6 vent holes in the rear of the module can be completely closed and theCIEM essentially turned into a typical closed back CIEMs by backing the thumbscrew all the way out.  I do this when I'm mowing the grass.
The MAM also solves all the issues I mentioned I had with the S1 module in my ADEL B1 review, the veil created by pairing the A12 with the S1 ADEL module is gone in an even bigger way than with the B1 since I can adjust beyond it's capabilities.  If you enjoy tinkering get the MAM, you'll love it.  If you want to set it and forget it both the B1 and G1 ADEL modules are amazing, I cannot recommend the S1 module as I think it ruins the A12. 
I love the concept of having all these different modules; S1, B1, G1, MAM, we can alter the sound sig of our CIEMs as we see fit and get excited about new modules!
Very well written and mirrors my experience with MAMA and S1 perfectly.
MAM not MAMA (The macbook auto correct is too much) :)
Im trying to determine if the MAM is worth purchasing since I already have the B1 module. Is there any advantage in being able to adjust the module? I mostly use my CIEM's on stage, but I occasionally use them for personal listening as well.  If the differences in sound are minimal Ill save the $200, but if there is an improvement by dialing in the sound precisely I would like that ability...