ART HeadAmp4 Four Channel Headphone Amplifier

General Information

The ART HeadAMP is an 8 output (4-channel) stereo headphone amp designed for use in home, project or professional studios.If you want more control over your own levels this is the tool for you. Whatever the application, it will come in very handy.The HeadAmp4 offers 1/8th-inch as well as 1/4-inch inputs and outputs as well as lower noise, lower distortion and more output in a new custom extruded stackable metal case.Ideal for virtually any home or project studio, the ARTcessories HeadAmp4 easily adds additional headphone outputs to any mixer, computer audio interface, workstation, iPod, media player or laptop without creating any additional load on the existing headphone source.Individual level controls for the four headphone outs, 1/4-inch and now 1/8-inch (stereo minijack) connections allow the HeadAmp4 to connect to virtually any source, and drive any headphone configuration including studio phones, in-ear monitors or custom ear pieces or any combination of the above.

Latest reviews

Pros: A ton of outputs, fair SQ, good build quality
Cons: No power switch
Not much to say, really. I needed a multi-output HF amp that would drive most cans. That's what it is. It sounds fine, nothing to write home about, but not bad at all. You aren't going to get huge detail, but it is rather neutral. Doesn't distort unless you crank it far above what is considered a safe listening volume and the pots are quiet. Also, I really like the fact that it accepts 3.5mm and 6.5mm jacks, no adapters to mess with. Oh, it's very solid too, heavier than you'd think from looking at it.

My only real gripe is the lack of a power switch, but it's not a big deal, I just hooked it up to a mini surge strip and use that to turn it off and on. Overall, it's a decent little cheap amp.


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