Archos 2 Video MP3 Player 8 GB (White)

General Information

The Archos 2 is full of surprises. It's an all-in-one affordable credit card sized device. With lyrics display and photo viewing, it's the perfect music companion.The Archos 2 will meet most music addicts' needs: a small, very reasonably priced device. Additionally, the Archos 2 hosts a micro-SDHC card slot so that you can add more music or files.It's really easy to organize your music with the library settings. You can choose by artist, album or title. With the lyrics display capacity, you will rediscover the songs available on your player. Since the Archos 2 plays the most popular music formats (MP3 and WMA), you're covered. Just drag and drop files from your PC to the Archos 2 using the standard USB 2.0 connection.The Archos 2 is equipped with a built-in microphone to let you record anything you want, instantly. From a phone number you cannot write down, to direction instructions if you don't have a GPS.


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