1. phntmsmshr

    thinnest DAP?

    Want to pair off something with a Practical Devices XM5, but would like to keep it as pocket-portable as possible. What are the options for a decent SQ? iPod nano 3rd gen? Fuze? GoGear Ariaz? Something by Samsung? Expandable memory would be ideal. Please no responses with that credit card player...
  2. Archos 2 Video MP3 Player 8 GB (White)

    Archos 2 Video MP3 Player 8 GB (White)

    The Archos 2 is full of surprises. It's an all-in-one affordable credit card sized device. With lyrics display and photo viewing, it's the perfect music companion.The Archos 2 will meet most music addicts' needs: a small, very reasonably priced device. Additionally, the Archos 2 hosts a...