Apple iPod classic 160 GB (7th Generation)

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  1. zinornia
    "One Huge Problem"
    Pros - Amazing Sound, Holds a **** load of music, Looks very cool,
    Cons - Expensive, Syncing Problems
    Right, so this has an incredible sound quality (with the right headphones, even better). I really love the way it looks, and I can fit thousands of my music on it. But it has a pretty huge problem that seems to be very common upon these iPods. So the problem lies with syncing, the very first time I synced, it worked, everything got on there fine. The next time however? It seemed to be working, it said syncing song blablabla out of blablabla, and then it finished. I disconnected my iPod from the USB, and turning it on I noticed that I had no music whatsoever. Every time I want to sync, I have to uninstall iTunes, and then install it again.
    But, I still love this thing even if it annoys the hell out of me once in a while. 
  2. Mheat122134
    "Pretty good"
    Massive space with decent audio quality.
  3. micrors4
    "Ipod Classic 160GB"
    Pros - huge capacity, good build quality
    Cons - none
    I got a classic to replace my 30GB Ipod Video after it was stolen.  It has decent audio quality with a good set of IEMs but lacks the power to drive a set of larger cans.  It does have a bit of lag as others have said but is not really a big deal once you start listening to music and is unnoticeable when jumping from tracks, however there is a company that makes a kit to convert them to use a compact flash cards which would take care of any lag and can be had in capacities as large as 128GB.  The classic is extremely tough and I have had for about 4 years and it works just as well as the day I got it despite it being abused and dropped constantly.  The only other ipod I have found that is as tough is the original shuffle as that has been through the washer and dryer more than once and keeps on living.  I had an ipod touch as well but it no longer holds a charge and the headphone jack no longer works so it is pretty much dead to me.  As much as I like the Classic, I feel that the Ipod Video was the superior player and I would take a Video over a Classic despite the smaller capacity as it is MUCH thinner and has less lag plus it comes in white which looks way better than the Classic.  Overall the Classic is a fantastic media player and I highly recommend it, now if only apple would support FLAC they could have a great media player.
  4. Ruzhyo
    "Slow and noisy"
    Pros - large harddisk
    Cons - Noisy HD, slow interface, hangs
    Not as good as previous 80GB 5.5gen
    Slow to search, loud hard disk, slow user interface, always 2seconds behind.  Hangs often.
  5. AceTechHD
    "I pod classic 7th gen review"
    Pros - amazing WARM audio quality lots of space durable strong
    Cons - Noisy. Hard Disk does not use flash memory it literary has a Hard Drive in it.
    great device if you have an HUGE cd collection (like me) and want to take everything everywhere you go do not buy from game stop buy refurbished from there 200$ for this price its a great deal. i have heard that the ipod classic's hard drive dies after 3-4 years of usage so think twice before buying used. over all this is the best ipod you can buy i actualy bought this over the ipod touch 4 (crap). i have the ipod touch 2 but thats another story.........
  6. Deki
    "Get the iPod 5.5 gen instead (or Sansa)"
    Pros - Great build quality
    Cons - Cirrus audio chip, iOS, bad EQ.
    i got this from a friend of mine for free becuase he had just gotten an iphone 4s (hes not an audiophile) so he gave me this. I was gratefull ofcourse and i decided to try it out instead of my sansa. the sansa wins easily, the ipod sounds meh, not very accurate and the bass is uneven/rumbly. i then traded this for an ipod 5.5 which i rockboxed later on and now i am happy.
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  7. born2bwild
    "Best MP3 player for those with a large music collection"
    Pros - Fantastic battery life, Good audio quality, Great battery life, good design
    Cons - HDD can be fragile at times
    Due to the great battery life and an immensely large capacity, it's the optimal mp3 for those with a large collection.
    It's also quite durable, I've had mine for 5 years now, and it still works fantastically and looks great too (practically new apart from a few scratches on the back).
  8. Kroc
    "Great Machine"
    Pros - Size, capacity, style, ease, durable
    Cons - itunes, no real eq, no raido / mic
    Got this from a pawn shop in the hood. Prob stolen and sold to buy drugs which clearly adds value.
    My last one died slowly from dropping upwards of 50 times, i got myself a SEXY hard case and some sennheiser cx680i headphones for the gym, and a FiiO E5 amp. Thing is wonderful
    Ill add pics to show my case!
  9. MosinNagantMan
    "Anything whenever, wherever, all day and night"
    Pros - Amazing capacity, battery life, style
    Cons - Abuse it, hardrive bye bye, stainless steel back
    The iPod has been an icon of portable music for almost a decade, and the Classic still lives up to its original expectations; battery life, capacity, while providing decent portability.  I had one before and it was stolen, it feels so good to have one again! If you can afford it, buy it.
    For this one, I bought some generic screen protectors to protect the stainless steel back and the glass screen, I recommend you do so also. I know if you use the classic for excersise or hard activity, your increasing the chances of the harddrive doing funny things and messing up.
    "160 gigabytes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    Pros - CAPACITY, the UI is nice and the album slideshow is awesome, battery life is good,
    Cons - Not solid state (this capacity in ss would cost $300 more), Apple does not have FLAC support
    There really isn't a whole lot to say. This player will hold a s*!t-load of music and/or movies and/or pictures, but I only use it for music. The hard disk is a little loud at times and it lags somewhat as well, but at 160 gb they couldn't have put solid state drives in yet.