Aphex 454 HeadPod Professional High Output Headphone Amplifier

General Information

The Model 454 HeadPod is a professional 4-output headphone distribution pod with four independent stereo power amplifiers. Working with any headphone type, the HeadPod provides high headroom to avoid clipping even at high sound levels. Designed for ultra low distortion and wide frequency response capabilities, the Model 454 also allows for longer listening sessions without listener fatigue. Individual volume controls are provided for each of the four headphone outputs, made with durable metal jacks. A master volume control on the HeadPod allows for matching of source levels. It connects to any analog source, with a rear panel selector switch to choose between balanced sources (discrete left and right) and unbalanced sources (e.g., stereo on TRS from a headphone amplifier). The Model 454 HeadPod is housed in a sturdy and attractive all-metal chassis, and includes a 12VAC power supply.

Latest reviews

Pros: Gets very loud with very little distortion... boosts the bass nicely for AKGs
Cons: Only comes in white?
This piece of equipment is great for anyone, who is on a small budget, but has a pair of great cans.  I for one use the Headpod with Akg K701s and have achieved very good results.  The amp can get these headphones to pretty high volume levels - definitely beyond anything I could physically listen to without blowing out my ears.  It also delivers nice and tight bass to cans usually missing it slightly.  Build quality is also superb, completely housed in metal, with a glossy white finish on top.  Five volume knobs, including one master volume, top it all off as a fairly versatile amp for up to four audio-outputs.
I can definitely recommend this amp to anyone, who needs/wants an amp, but doesn't have heaps of money lying around.


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