Aphex 120A Audio Distribution Amplifier with 1 XLR input and 4 XLR outputs

General Information

The Model 120 is a high performance audio distribution amplifier with a single high impedance input and four low impedance outputs, all electronically servo-balanced. The 120's transformerless circuits are designed for wide, flat frequency response free from ringing or overshoot, making it ideal for distribution of SMPTE time code as well as audio. Each output has its own amplifier and level control for maximum versatility and isolation. The sturdy steel chassis may be used stand-alone or rackmounted, singly or in airs. Performance:The 120 was designed to be as transparent as possible. This means wide, flat frequency response, excellent transient reproduction and a dynamic range surpassing digital. This allows the 120 to be used in the most critical applications, as well as distributing SMPTE time code if necessary. Compact, rugged package provides maximum shielding and is equally at home on the ground in a location shoot or mounted in a studio's rack.Inputs:The input circuit is a true instrumentation type, adjusted for good common-mode rejection. Servo-balancing compensates for high common-mode voltages, so headroom isn't sacrificed. The high input impedance allows bridging of the input signal with minimum loading. This way several amplifiers can be easily driven from the source. The input circuit is fully RF protected. Outputs:


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