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"The Cal.1H employs a 50mm driver with an infilled PET diaphragm. There is enough excursion to produce low-frequencies with ease and linearity without the unnecessary/overbearing side-effects."

"The high-sensitivity of the drivers used in the CAL.1H is an advantage for ones who are wanting to correct the Frequency Response to their liking/compensations."

Coupling : Circumaural
Transducer : Electrodyanamic (50mm, Infilled Polymer)
Impedance : ~28 Ohms
Sensitivity : ~105.36dB SPL/mW @1 kHz (approx avg ~104dB SPL/mW @1 kHz)
Driver Matching : Min ~0.1dB to Max ~0.4dB avg throughout the Frequency Response range.

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Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Very well built. Several color options. Harman target response.
Cons: Could use a little more treble energy.
I was given an opportunity to purchase a new open back headphone from Kaldas, the makers of the Conquest RR1 electrostatic headphone. I had purchased the RR1 a few years ago and it was my gateway to Electrostatic headphones. So when they reached out about a new open back dynamic driver headphone I was very interested.

The CAL.1H is a dynamic driver headphone that is fairly easy to drive, any dap should work fine, that holds pretty close to the Harman target. It has a very open sound stage without any real harshness at all. Smooth would be a good discription. Frequency graphs can be found on their website. altiat.comGraphs direct link is

These are really well built headphones. Available is several colors that I think sets them apart from many mid-fi headphones. I found they play really well with modern genres such as pop, EDM, or hip hop. I prefer a little more treble energy for classic rock and such, but they do offer two different pad options so that may help based on preference. I went with the alcantara pads which are very comfortable. A variety of choices are available for the cables. The cables are a little stiff, but at the price point of $399 I think they are in line with others in this range.

I went with the Orange color way and the pictures really don't do them justice. The finish is a matte that avoids smudges and fingerprints. The head strap is a simple leather that actually works rather well. They aren't the lightest headphone but not Audeze heavy either. I have no problem wearing them for hours. The adjustment mechanism is also simple but effective. Should hold up for a long time.

Sound wise these have a very pleasant tuning that leans towards the warm side of things. The graphs show the follow the Harman target pretty well, although I think they could use a little more treble extension. But again in its price range I would say it is competitive with the Audeze LCD1 and the Bowers and Wilkens P7 I had on hand to compare. I was also surprised that they did scale rather well with better amplification. Usually headphones at this level don't change much with better sources. In a way it reminded me of the HD650 in its ability to scale.

In short, if your looking for something a little different, that plays well with modern music, you should give the CAL.1H a try. Their website has a lot more information so give it a look. I think it does for dynamic drivers what the RR1 did for electrostatic drivers, a high value gateway to audiophile sound.


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I have been running a set of these since May 2021. The tuning is also very unique and they definitely scale with different amps.

My preferered combo is the iCan Pro and the Audiolab M-One. The Audiolab adds a bit of treble energy and rounds out the overall sound towards a reference level profile while the iCan gives it a more punchy and energetic sound.
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