AKG K81DJ Akg Closed-Back Folding Dj Headphone

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"Obviously, informal parties deserve the same kind of professional sound quality as large-scale events do. Semiprofessional DJs too need dependable equipment. The K 81 DJ fit the bill perfectly. Their closed-back earphones, for instance, provide optimum isolation from ambient noise. The K 81 DJ will take heavy usage easily, and their high SPL capability ensures excellent sound quality. Finally, their level of wearing comfort is as impressive as their powerful low end and accurate imaging. Their distinguishing features include: 3D-Axis folding mechanism for ease of handling and good user comfort. Folded down into a thin package, the k 81 dj are ready for use anytime High sound pressure level: High SPL capability for any type of event in any environment. Legendary AKG sound quality Closed-back earphones: Isolating ear cups attenuate ambient noise, keeping even quiet passages clearly audible Maximum ruggedness Detented adjustable headband "

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500+ Head-Fier
Pros: Banging loud, good looks and folding


AKG sound quality. The bass goes very low (30hz sine-wave still going strong). Small headcups leave them sounding a bit muffled in the soundstage.



They have a very cool folding design indeed!



Offering a value for the price


500+ Head-Fier
Pros: Superb lows, great mids and highs. Great for mixing.
Cons: Uncomfortable to wear for few hours with the stock pleather earpads.
Edit (7/25/11): Came with a pleather carrying case which is nice. Great entry level DJ'ing headphones.

Uncomfortable to wear for a long period of time, after about an hour you'll start to feel discomfort from the pressure the headphones put on your ears. Stretching the headphones by putter them over something wide helps a lot, or just wearing them often to soften up the headband.

The hinges look cheap due to the mold marks that were on my pair, not sure if they're on every pair manufactured but makes them look cheap, the plastic is quite sturdy though.

They fold up for convenient storage and to place them into the carrying/travel case.

The wire is excessively long(in my opinion), could be a foot or two shorter. These pair of headphones would be great for a re-cable(Using a coiled cable like the one on the ATH M50's would work great for these headphones) as the drivers are very easy to access by taking off the pleather earcups which give you access to the screws.

For added comfort, you can replace the stock pleather earpads with the Sennheiser HD-25 velour earpads.

These headphones benefit a lot with a good soundcard or being amped by a desktop amp. I'm running mine through my Behringer BCD3000 midi controller as an external soundcard/headphone amplifier. Sounds phenominally

Sound Quality:
Bass is great on these headphones, not underpowered or overwhelming, just right. Very clean sounding and great for what I primarily listen to which is usually Vocal Trance, Hands Up, Electro House, Hardstyle, UK Hardcore, Dubstep, and some other EDM genre's.

Mids sound smooth, well extended, clean, a little bright at times.

Highs are decent, female vocals sound smooth and pleasing.

Not a whole lot compared to open cans due to them being closed back.

Overall these are fairly well rounded headphones, highs could be a little better.
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Wow, epic review. You really answered all my questions! Just make sure not to include so many words in your next review:wink:
Edited my review as I got them today so I could give them a more accurate review.
Updated again.


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