AKG K712 Pro

  1. WonWesleyChoi
    Great improvement from AKG Q701 and K702, much better EQ, and balanced sound, slightly in the bright sound range but not an annoying bright sound
    Written by WonWesleyChoi
    Published May 3, 2016
    Pros - soundstage, bright sound but non-fatigueing bright sound
    Cons - if i had to pick, leaking sound, sound is not centered sound
    overall great headphone at its price.
  2. KopaZ
    The tale of two semi-flagship headphones
    Written by KopaZ
    Published May 23, 2015
    Pros - balanced sound with not-really-harsh treble and Three-Dimensional soundstage.
    Cons - Power hungry hungry hippo headphones, picky about amp?
    This review will compare between the two semi-flagship headphones from two companies; The K712 headphones from AKG, and the HD700 from Sennheiser.
    "Expect and discover. The perfection."
    -box art from AKG K712's packaging
    "The HD700 Truly excite your ears."
    -quote from cover page of Sennheiser's HD700 manual
    Along with the first impression, I noticed that the K712 needed more power (the hungry hungry hippo). I had to crank up the volume  about 1.5~2 times for my listening level with Senn's HD700 on my Schiit's Magni 2. I will update the review once I get the Valhalla 2 or Asgard 2.
    These I-don't-look-cheap, you know? looking K712 costed me $280, which, honestly, it's a bargain for me. my HD700 costed me $400 though, so keep that in mind. (both are used by someone else for 1-2days without even a scratch on headphones; however, HD700's are more burned in than my K712, my K712 was only used for like ~15 hours, while I used HD700 for at least 8 hours per day since It was next to my bed; that would equal about 200+ hours of use on my HD700.
    Build Quality:
    it doesn't look cheaply made unlike the HD700 when compared. HD700 has more of plastic-y feeling, while the K712 has more metalic feeling.
    K712 is made in Slovakia, though raw materials are assembled by machines. there is a video of showing how K702's are made in YouTube. If you really need to know how AKG's make headphones, go to YouTube, search video for "How It's Made Headphones"; the video is published by TRR56.
    The headbands are elastic, so there is no need for spending 30 seconds of your precious audiophile life trying to perfect the K712 for your head.
    For me, the HD700 won the comfort war. while wearing HD700, my ears doesn't even touch the driver, while the comfy cushions on headband/earpad virtually makes me feel i'm wearing nothing on long term listening. looks I need some proper adjustments with wearing K712s, for the drivers (or the earpad) to not touch my ears. headband itself is elastic, so for the most users, headband will automatically stretched for size of your head.
    HD700 wins by a little.
    I mean, who would care since you normally wear these at home? It's not like a pigeon would get impressions on your headphones and run into your windows for the beauty.
    (I've only seen one idiot pigeon running into windows for plants inside my apartment in South Korea)
    It would make a difference if you wear headphones outside, though. Personally, for me, I would like to get some decent look since I use my open-backs outside, because my neighbor is quiet.
    for design, which is really, a subjective matter; even more subjective than our picky ears. In my opinion, both of the headphones have very aesthetic look; the HD700s have the look that represents like "I listen to reference-class headphones and it even has better look than your Beats by dre", while the K712s give more of.... calmer, not flashy, but not ugly design.
    For me, HD700 wins the Project Runway war.
    Sound Quality
    Here's where the distinctiveness that we can see where Sennheiser's sound and AKG's sound.
    I can't really decide which would "Win" the Sound war; K712 has balanced sound while the sennheiser have emphasizing treble with bass, giving different "purposes" each other.
    The treble on K712 is much relaxed and soft than the HD700's treble everywhere. (the HD700 is infamous of treble spikes noticed by some HD700 users, including myself)
    Sennheiser's HD700 has forward  bass with even-more emphasized treble that still shows some degree that mids do exist in HD700, though, not dominant.
    It gives perfect sense that the HD700 is in middle of HD650 and HD800; HD650's darker, forward mids with lovely bass mixed in with HD800's bright sound with precise imaging with wide soundstage, giving a "who art thou?!" sense of half-blooded child from sennheiser (oh yeah, with more of HD800's silver mesh look).
    unfortunately, some users found HD700's treble fatiguing due to spikes; many users (such as myself) had to do a modification, known as the anax mod  to the HD700 (originated from HD800), whereby the installed foams around drivers dampen and reduce the emphasis on treble, adding little bit of emphasis on mids and bass instead. 
    HD700's mids are less present than the K712 because of the dominant bass and treble; but it gives somewhat "immersive" feeling with wide soundstage on my symphonies.
    K712, however, emphasizes on the clarity with separations of instrument unlike HD700;, while it has emphasized treble and bass, with immersive feeling.
    well, it says on the box of K712; "for precision listening, mixing and mastering".
    K712 has narrower soundstage than HD700; but it has the sense of realism because of balanced soundstage.
    On beethoven's 9th symphony (ode to joy, which is also known as the the finale) , both headphones have clear separation of instrument while it really shows distinctiveness of the both companies sound that pursue on.
    the HD700 gives very immersive sound with bass and treble; with mids that are present, but not really as present as treble and bass. it gives some kind of "live" feeling with the immersive soundstage, further defining the HD700's characteristics, while having full vocals.
    K712s have different approach; while it has the balanced sound with much softer treble than the HD700, it has much narrower soundstage than HD700. it gave me more of HD650/600 feeling in soundstage; not narrower as HD650/600, but not wider than the HD700. The K712 tries to show the details in the symphony,  while HD700 tries to show the "live" sounding with the wider soundstage. K712s also have the balanced, precise and three-dimensional soundstage, that made me "wow" with the separations of instrument, while having full vocals, but not full as the HD700's vocal (but I wouldn't say K712s have thin vocal).
    The HD700 is more of genre specific (I mentioned this on my HD700 review), it would only show it's true strength on classical music because of the emphasis on treble, unless it is toned down using EQ/mods. K712 is more of balanced, used for many other genres; especially for hearing into details of the music.
    I would use both of them for home use, but use HD700 more often for outside use since K712 is just hungry with my Fiio E18 amp+dac; HD700 becomes more balanced if used with E18; losing few emphasis on treble but adding it to mids.
    1. Rob80b
      Thanks for your comparative perceptions KopaZ
      While some of our listening experiences are similar, mine do differ with regards to the HD700s, with my ears and set-up, I find the HD700s very linear, therefore from treble down to the base, the full audio spectrum is very even handed, same for the K712s. But for me the HD700s are better focused and distinctly layered with regards to imaging details and staging, more sophisticated overall so that more often than not I get the sense of having a direct feed off the recording, the AKGs less so.
      To use an analogy, for me the HD700s are like being dressed from a custom tailor, while the K712s being the same outfit have been selected off the rack, which may or may not be a perfect fit, and IMHO reflected in the overall sound experience and price difference, Sennheiser’s R&D have made something special with the HD700s and as much as I respect AKG as a long time supporter, the K712s even though a nice upgrade from my previous K701s was more of a band-aid approach mostly due to new ear pads with their classis design in offering a new headphone.
      My initial observations here.
      Rob80b, May 23, 2015
    2. KopaZ
      i did found K712 performing better at rock/metal/modern music because of the balanced sound than HD700, the 700 seems bit bright for these kind of genre..
      maybe the 700 is really a custom-made headphones for specific genre.
      I'm not even sure if my 700's sound original now; i did messed up the silver mesh with a really bad spraying idea (didn't know they are escaping holes for sound), though i removed the spray completely.
      KopaZ, May 23, 2015
    3. KopaZ
      I did hear one of the members saying HD700 will sound either bright or warm... maybe this is it!
      KopaZ, May 23, 2015
  3. Mark K
    Unbeliveble sound quality
    Written by Mark K
    Published Dec 30, 2014
    Pros - Sound quality
    Cons - Previous price
    Called me crazy after I have had so much "not so good" experiences with AKG headphones, from K701 to recently K554, K501. My ears were badly hurt by recent ear infection but I still put my bet on this pair of headphones
    They do not disappoint at all. All these bass, though restrained and subtle, all show up.
  4. DivineCurrent
    Overall Awesome headphones!
    Written by DivineCurrent
    Published Aug 21, 2014
    Pros - Good balance throughout frequency, not sibilant, balanced, great for casual listening
    Cons - Upfront sound, slight peak around 2khz sometimes annoying
    This is going to be a short review, just letting you know in advance.
    I listen to mostly contemporary pop, classic rock, as well as a little classical. In my search for a good headphone to use for all around listening, I stumbled across these, and I must say I'm quite impressed!
    For me, the bass is absolutely perfect. Of all the headphone I've heard, these have the best quality bass I've heard. It's not just the quantity, but the control that really sets these apart. It even extends down below 20 khz, barely audible but you can feel it!
    Aside from the improved bass performance, it's overall very balanced, but I like to nitpick so I must comment on just one flaw these phones have. In the lower treble, the 2kz has a peak that sounds somewhat unnatural in some recordings. It doesn't bother me that much, but sometimes it makes poorly mastered recordings sound strident and compressed, therefore less "airy" sound. I just EQ it down by 2 decibels, and it sounds almost perfect. 
    The treble not sibilant at all, and it's very detailed yet not fatiguing to listen to. I've read that some people think there's not enough mids, but that's only an illusion created by that 2 khz peak, it has very good mids. 
    Overall, very solid headphones for the price, other competing headphone such as the Beyerdynamic DT 880 and Sennheiser HD 600 will have a tough time beating it.
    1. buson160man
      I feel pretty much the same about my akg 701s they sound kind of like your description of the k712 . I suppose there is a family resemblance in the way they sound .
        But recently I have upgraded the headphone cable on my audeze lcd 2 v2 headphone and it has astronomically catapulted my opinion of them to a new level . The sound with their stock leash was definitely limiting the performance of the lcd2 . With the cable pro reverie cable it is now light years and I mean light years ahead of the k701 . But that took a headphone cable that costs almost 640 usd to attain that performance . Which is more than the price of the akg 701 .My opinion of the akg 701 is still very high especially for a mid priced headphone. it is definitely an overachiever.
      buson160man, Aug 22, 2014
  5. Head1Case
    Overall great headphone. Love lightness+comfort. Very clear sound with great highs, lows and slightly less pronounced mids. Sweet open sound stage.
    Written by Head1Case
    Published May 17, 2014
    Pros - Very smooth in high upper mid frequency region, hence very detailed. Sweet lows compared to 701 and 702. Very comfortable. Open sound.
    Cons - Could have a tad more pronounced mids.
    Overall great headphone. Love lightness+comfort. Very clear sound with great highs, lows and slightly less pronounced mids. Sweet open sound stage. 
  6. purplegoat
    Updating as I go
    Written by purplegoat
    Published Apr 26, 2014
    Pros - revealing, nice sound stage, comfortable, look good, textured sounds
    Cons - can be fatiguing, not neutral, bass heavy music is too heavy, forward
    my first impression: most fatiguing things speakers/headphones I've ever heard. I'm sensitive to bright sound and I'm immediately regretting my purchase. obnoxious and fatiguing.
    mid impression: I'm sure if you're reading this you've read up elsewhere on these so I won't get too far into them. there's a lot of great stuff going on here. my big gripe is that while they are marketed as reference headphones, they are not.  I'm noticing a lot of peaks which create strained and resonant sound. only in the treble though really. this makes them much less useful to learn and analyze frequency with. also I find the very high treble a bit too loud and it hurts my ears. for these things the headphones are a 4-6/10 for me.
    I'm going to hold them a bit higher for now because they do have one thing I didn't expect: my ears can feel any live instrument played and it's fantastic.I'm sure that doesn't shock a lot of hardened hi-fi crowd but I'm frankly blown away. too bad I listen to a lot of electronic music..
    next step for me is to try to acquire a DA8. I'm currently powering them with a Yulong U100 but I want to really overkill them before I give them a final rating.
    mid impression 2: been powering them now with an old denon preamp (pma 750). Clarity seems decent, not sibilant anymore. still not neutral, still too much bass. electronic music sound bad on these, acoustic music sounds great.
    electric music rating: 4/10
    acoustic music rating: 8/10
    seriously very unsuited for mixing bass heavy music.
    Current chain:
    Yulong DA8 -> Denon PMA-750 (speaker amp) -> K712
    The sound is MUCH better, while they can still hurt my ears on the high end occasionally I wouldn't describe them as sibilant. The lacking mid range which left me scratching my head has finally been filled in. I personally could do without the 2k peak. It sounds a little too engaging for my tastes. The real flaw with the headphones is the bass. In my opinion there's too much and it doesn't seem very well controlled either. I can't be sure of the latter comment though so don't weight that too hard.
    Anyway my philosophy is anything away from neutral is flawed so for me it's really the bass and the 2k peak. Otherwise no complaints for the time being. I'm hoping to get an HE-6 soon and then I'll really know how good these are (turning into an expensive review [​IMG])
    Final verdict from me (intro):
    Originally I had listened to the K712s on a Yulong U100 and they were the most expensive headphones I'd ever used. I was dissatisfied but I didn't feel it was fair. I don't want to be the guy running in frantically, waving his arms, talking complete nonsense. 
    I have spent plenty of time with these headphones now. I have A/B'd them with a the Avid Omni HD, Yulong U100, Yulong DA8 (through the headphone out and via the Denon PMA-750) as well as straight out of my Galaxy S Note II. I've pitted them against the Sennheiser HD280, Sennheiser HD25-II, and the Hifiman HE-6.
    Look and Feel:
    I think these headphones look great. They would be comfortable but my head is too small for them, they droop down the sides of my head. The pads are easy to replace and the cables are easy to swap.
    No physical issues IMO.
    I spent an hour writing garbage and then re-listened. The bottom line is I don't like the K712s' boosted bass, I also think the 2k peak (creating a sort of aggressive immediacy is a choice that needs to be considered). Properly amped I liked the K712s but they still sound like headphones against the HE-6's. They sound notably lower quality when it comes to better recordings, but they're decent headphones (even if they feel like they're struggling to reproduce music sometimes instead of just being a window). They aren't sibilant in the treble at all, despite what I previously felt.
    I give them a 7 because I don't love them but they're not bad. 
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    2. appsmarsterx
      What amp/dac are you using with your 712pro ?
      appsmarsterx, Apr 27, 2014
    3. MrTechAgent
      Changes in the Tizzy-ness will take place in 20 hours , after that if you don't like them - don't waste your time hoping the sound will change drastically , also to get the best extension in the bass , you'll need a good amplifier , they are a special phone but certainly not for everyone 
      MrTechAgent, Apr 27, 2014
    4. Oktyabr
      Not a bad review.  I actually prefer detailed, unbiased sounding *negative* reviews over gushing, biased, *positive* reviews.  I think yours is possibly in the former.  Glad you think the K712 "still sound like headphones"...  compared to the MSRP US$1199 HE-6!!!  lol
      Oktyabr, Dec 24, 2014
  7. FullBright1
    Where is the treble?
    Written by FullBright1
    Published Feb 23, 2014
    Pros - comfortable fit, warm sound, bass is better then the 702s.
    Cons - lacking sparkle in the trebles, mids are recessed, low mids are too dominate.
    The AKG 712 Pro engineers decided to  create a  newly designed headphone rebut to all the critics of the AKG sound which they say tends towards  treble extension at the expense of the rest of the sound.
    The problem is, the engineers forgot to put the treble back into the new design after they warmed up the overall tone with more low mids and bass extension..
    The AKG 712 Pro box says......'"Now with 3db more bass", and after listening to these for a few days, ive concluded that perhaps 2 db would have been the answer, as these headphone are just too soft/dull/relaxed sounding.
    Im not certain if the treble and mids are just too dialed back by design,  or if they are just being covered up by that "3 db" of "added bass".
    Whichever, or whatever, these phones have no zing or sparkle in the treble and the mids need an air pump.
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    2. riverlethe
      You might want to visit an audiologist if you think these lack treble.
      riverlethe, Mar 19, 2014
    3. takato14
      @FullBright1 Actually I am exactly right. The drivers are identical. The only differences are the color, headband, and earpads. Perhaps you should use that thing called Google and do some actual research before you post something ill-informed, especially when someone else is telling you you're wrong.
      If you think these lack treble you should definitely pay the audiologist a visit, just to be sure. However, I think the more likely circumstance is that you're simply used to horrific nonsense in the upper midrange and treble; commonly referred to as sparkle. It's a combination of mechanical distortion, modal breakup, peaks, and/or resonances, and is very common in many "audiophile" headphones like Grado and Audio-Technica. The K/Q7xx line is one of the few headphones that actually lack these issues but still has excellent treble extension, so it's possible that it sounds "veiled" to your ears by comparison. If you kept these, I'd suggest listening to them for a week or so then going back to what you had before, and seeing what you think.
      Oh and, just so you know, the way you type makes you come off as an impudent and condescending prick, and your lack of backup for your statements makes you look like a moron. Might wanna be careful with that.
      takato14, Mar 20, 2014
    4. GLXLR
      It is an updated version of the drivers used in the K702/Q701 I believe, which do have the same drivers.
      GLXLR, Mar 24, 2014
  8. FritzS
    First impressions
    Written by FritzS
    Published Jun 6, 2013
    Pros - good fitting on the head, nice design
    First quick impression, without longer burning in time - a little bit more deep bass as Q701 with:
    Mystical Scent, Magic of Mimalayas, track 01 Sacred Book - and other tracks of this XRCD

    More please see here


    My short Conclusio frist - at the moment the K712 is the AKG flaggshif (K702-65 anni are limited and K1000 is obsolete).
    The bass is the best of all AKGs headphones I ever heared. Over all the K712 comes very close to the D7000, so I cannot say who is better, they are different.

    The K712 is hand-crafted in Vienna (Austria), pre-selected transducers, 3 dB improved low end performance, soft genuine leather headband, open back dynamic headphones, sensitivy 105dB/V, 10 Hz - 39.800 Hz, 62 Ohms, max. input power 200 mW, cable 3m 99.9% OFC (from the cover).
    Enclosed accessories: Additional coiled cable, black velvet lookig carring bag, adapter 1/8" to 1/4".

    The Pads of the K712 are not angled as the pads of K701, Q701, K702. I have no K702 Anni, so I could not compair them.

    The K712 brings this passage a bit more powerful and (if I do anything wrong imagining) an a little bit closer to me. The Q701 (with original pads) sometimes seems in direct comparison a little bit "thinner".

    The Planets op.32 / Montreal SO, Dutoit / Decca, DDD, 86 / Tr. 1 - Mars
    K712 more of blackness, massive, trumpet horns aggressive than the Q701

    Misa Criolla, Josè Carreras, Philips, Tr. 1 & 2
    K712 punchier in the bass, drums show more body, the voice of José Carreras hardly shows a marked and reproducible change.

    And prevent it from being so one-sided for some POP fans

    Steve Vai, Sound Theories Vol I & II
    Here, the K712 can finally show what it can do - there's so right from the post that rips!
    (translate from german: da geht so richtig die Post ab, das fetzt!)

    The K712 seems to be for rock & pop fans a "must have"!
    The AKG K712 is of the headphones I've heard so far, been the most pressure coupled with the openness of the 7xx series.
    Since no K550, K271 MKII come with - even if you gently rotate hearing something quieter (you should no longer constantly exaggerate).

    Le Sacre du Printemps, Igor Strawinsky (1882–1971), Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra of Venezuela, Gustavo Dudamel
    Massive deep drumbeats (a step in direction to D7000, but not over-emphasized), horns sometimes aggressive (as they should be).
    Spatial broad.

    Amber Rubarth: Sessions From The 17th Ward
    Dry drum beats heavy, Chello corporeal, percussion - the sometimes very hard knocks are very well reproduced.
    Wide-ranging spatially staggered singer at "eye level".

    One of my Milestone Test CD's now inserted "Quincy Jones Back On The Block" (Tr. 1 & 2 prologues Back on the block) and turned up a track louder. Punchy and deep - and that really thrilled!

    Misa Criolla, Mercedes Sosa, DECCA
    The deep pounding of Indian percussion instruments comes across very authentic. Mercedes Sosa's voice sounds very full-bodied.
    Stage fanned wide.

    Roger Waters, Amused to Death (Tracks 1,3,4,5,7,8,11,12,13,14)
    K712 a trace fuller as Q701, more bass, despite the same sensitivity of 105 dB / V seems a tiny lane louder (because the sensitivity at 1 kHz is measured, a consequence of the enhanced bass range), basin (brass) metallic silky


    Now after a burning in period about 90 hours, I play'd my mostfull bassheavy music I have (big asian drums - with D7000 blows air between pads and ears trough) - Yun-Tian He, Mystical Scent
    track 1 and 9
    with K712 the drums seems a bit bigger, deeper, powerful, punchy as with Q701
    mids an highs seems me very similar to the Q701.

    Before this CD I heared "Bettina Wegner, Die Liebeslieder" - at this music this extended bass is hearable, but hard to detect.
    Mids an highs seems me very similar to the Q701. With K712 (and this music) sometimes I have the feeeling a little bit more detailed but in cross check are not surely detectable - my imagination?

    The specified AKG increase in the low bass of +3 dB should be real available. Unfortunately I do not have measuring equipment to be able to measure the exact.


    compairing K712 with Q701 (using the K712 pads)

    The K712 have a bit more (fuller) bass as my Q701 with the pads from the K712 - but its very hard to catch, the music sample must be right.

    The K712 plays the "creaking" ("knarzen" in german) of the chello a little but more succinctly as the Q701 (with both implementations of pads tested).

    These differences are very small - I will test them on an other day again to confirm my own impression.

    My used test samples for this: "AUDIOphile Pearls Volume 1" http://www.musik-sammler.de/media/817284


    Meyer Records Vol. 1
    Compareing K712 <--> Q701 (with K712 Pads)
    K712 - bass is a bit deeper, a bit more resolved, free.

    In the long time test (I heard quite a few of my CDs "up and down" in the meantime) the K712 revealed a fatigue-free listening. All images were played back in great detail. The bass seems "the right place" and is not bloated (what with the D7000 occasionally occurs).
    The K712 affords no noticeable weaknesses. Otherwise error in the images are very probably noticeably - yes finally, that must be the meaning of Studio Headphones (the main purpose of the K712 Pro).

    Roger Waters, Amused To Death, Tr. 12 "Three Wishes"
    K712 vs. Q701 with flat (K712 like) Pads
    The hiss of the basin (brass) appears a bit more terse and a bit better resolved with the K712.
    The deep roar of the Three Wishes comes with a bit more pressure at the K712.

    In my compareson tests, mostly I play short sequences of a few bars again alternating with the two headphones.
    For me the K712 ranks about the Q701 (both - original or K712 pads).

    PS: You must seen all my test are subjektiv - for your own opinion you should compare this headphones self.
    Less subjetive tests are ABX blind-tests with more persons - but this are hard to do with headphones.

    some links to my head-fi posts
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    2. laon
      I really hope you'll update this review later as the one now is pretty nondescript.
      laon, Jun 7, 2013
    3. FritzS
      Yes, I would update this review after milestones of test and comparing.
      FritzS, Jun 7, 2013
    4. zsolt
      Nice review! We are waiting for update after burn-in pediod! How do you think about amplification pairing?
      zsolt, Nov 22, 2013
  9. FooThane
    Love these for almost everything
    Written by FooThane
    Published Dec 11, 2016
    Pros - Clear detailed sound, Deep bass, Confortable, Accessories(it came with a nice carrying bag and a coiled cable)
    Cons - With some songs the bass is too much and looks like it can't keep up with the song, Might be too bright for some people
    I have these headphones for about 3 weeks and I think they are great for overall listening to music, even for a long time, however, I don't think you can drive them without an amplifier because the audio quality from a phone or just a poor build-in dac isn't good, the bass sounds muddy and the highs lack detail.

    So I've got the Magni 2 and Little Dot 1+(Mullard M8100 tubes,OPA2107 op amp) and I must say that the Magni feels like the inferior amp for this headphone the bass has less impact, the soundstage is smaller, has less detail although it has more bass and the presentation feels faster. It looks like the tubes add a little impact and smoothness.

    Overall, these might be good as a second pair if you already have like a Sennheiser 600 series headphone (I have HD 580s) or if you want something different, but I don't recommend them as a first pair for people that don't know what they're going into (try out an akg open-back headphone before deciding to buy)

    Anyway I got these for cheap (they are made where I live) and I keep them for sure.


    Before buying you should know that sometimes(maybe a first revision or something) the K712 has a loose wire on the left ear. My first pair had this problem (sound from the left ear was gone after the first day of use) but thank god the second pair I got is fine(for now).
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    2. xxAMAROKxx
      Bass is realy too much on some recordings, with K712. It has strange echo effect on Midbass, which covers all other instruments. On the other hand, bass is analytical and in line with other frequencies ... but most recordings are too bassy.
      xxAMAROKxx, Mar 22, 2017
    3. FritzS
      make a test - put the K701/Q701 angled ear pads on your K712
      K701 and Q701 with angled ear pads sounds very similar - but if you take the pads from the K712 on the Q701, this both sound similar. 
      Over all seen - K712 is the best of this series for me. 
      K702 I had hear only for a short time. The K702 65th Anniversary Edition  I don' hear.
      FritzS, Mar 22, 2017
    4. xxAMAROKxx
      I have K702 pads on my K712 from the seller. They were more comfortable for me (more depth for my ears). I heard original pads too and I had to say, that they are more bassy, than K702 pads. 
      xxAMAROKxx, Mar 22, 2017
  10. Rob80b
    When AKG meets Sennheiser and vise versa.
    Written by Rob80b
    Published Aug 20, 2014
    Pros - Smoother and much added bass over the previous K7xx series, warmer, great phone to chill out to.
    Cons - Mini 3 pin XLR connector makes adding a balanced cable impractical for most.
    Not quite a review but thought I'd quote my recent observations.
    This AKG may win over stuck in the mud Senn hd600/650 stalwarts but alienate previous AKG K7xx lovers, my previous K701s are up for sale.

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    2. Rob80b
      Not necessarily stronger, bass is just more even handed and tighter, mid-range is less recessed so a little richer and imaging is more focused, less smeared… which some may perceive as better transparency.
      Rob80b, Aug 21, 2014
    3. Rob80b
      Well I'll be damned, and probably will be.
      Originally Posted by Rob80b 
       Well eat my hat and chuck me in the river, I should have done this right from the start and feel really stupid.
      Swapping pads between the K701’s and K712s more or less leveled the playing, meaning the K701s with the new 712 pads, for all intents and purposes, now sound like the 712s, including the bass and the well worn 701 pads on the K712s has given them all the negative attributes I noted earlier on the K701s.
      Now to go crawl in a hole somewhere.
      Rob80b, Aug 21, 2014
    4. Clark James
      i agree, 701 and 712 are really really similar in sound, I recently replaced my 701 pads so when I bought the 712 I thought they sounded too similar to justify the extra cost
      Clark James, Jan 25, 2016