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AKG K240 MKII Headphones

  1. goozik
    Decent detailed sound. Good value for the money.
    Written by goozik
    Published Jun 23, 2015
    Pros - Details, Loud, good bass and mids
    Cons - Not suitable for mix and master
    I'm professional musician and I bought it for my home studio. I own also Sennheiser HD 449. From my perspective It might be difficult to mix and master on these AKG if you are not used to them because they are heavy on bass and middles, sound is not balanced. HD449 are more suitable for that purpose because they are more balanced. I still use AKG in the end to check if song makes even more impression in good headphones. Anyway, If buy them for listening to the music - they are the best. The sound is brilliant - good mids, punch in the bass, very clean highs.
    1. ayaflo
      I thought these were used quite a bit for mastering !?
      ayaflo, Jun 23, 2015
    2. whitemass
      Heavy on the Bass? What in the world are you talking about.
      whitemass, Jun 23, 2015
  2. last1done
    Written by last1done
    Published Jun 10, 2013
    Pros - Amazing quality of bass, mids, and upper ranges, very comfortable, great depth of sound, no blurring of audio, no "in-head" feel, light, feels durable
    Cons - cord is very long, burn-in takes a little while, EDIT: great difficulty changing cords FURTHER EDIT: difficulty individual and unlikely, due to defect
    I love these headphones. I have been using little earbuds for a while, and they have been quite good, for earbuds, but I decided that I needed better headphones for both listening to music and operating the soundboard at my school. I just received them in the mail today, and have been listening to them for the past three hours straight. They are a little soft on my ipod, (duh) but far from inaudible, due to their high resistance, but that is to be expected, and amplifiers are readily available possibly as a future purchase. My laptop volume is at 22%, and it is very comfortable. Since I have started using these, their burn in has started to really make a difference, and the sound quality is getting even more amazing. I can also still hear some outside noises very quietly due to the design of the earpieces, so I can hear other things, but it is easy to tune it out. This is good for me, because I like knowing what is going on around me, but I can see it being a problem for some people. This is my first major audio purchase, only done because of a massive 60% sale on amazon, but it is definitely worth it. Listening to Phillip Glass, I can hear every instrument as though I were at a live performance. Dubstep is also very good, with very strong bass, but not overpowering the uppers, rock is also great, thanks to the amazing range of the phones, and the quality of all ranges of the head phones. Listening to "Paint it, Black", I noticed a lot of guitar riffs I hadn't been able to hear over the lyrics. Country and Pop are about the same as rock, a lot of harmonic details coming through. Some songs which use extreme left/right splits in effects can get a little disconcerting because of the extremes of one ear to the other, but that is probably the intended effect that I have been missing out on all these years. Used with my electric violin, I could hear the tones much more clearly, and it sounded great. OK, so I love them, if that wasn't clear, but in all fairness, they are a huge step up for me, and I am probably missing things I am used to not having. I do have good tonal hearing as a result of nearly 14 years of violin playing, so I would say I am qualified to judge audio quality, but on what is to be expected from headphones, I am not an authority.
    Would most definitely recommend.
    EDIT: today, the cable connecting headset to audio source decided that it would just stay there forever, leaving me with a functional, but annoying pair of headphones. I am not going to attempt to open them up until I know what I'm doing, but it is still annoying to lose use of one of the cables included with these headphones. Sound quality has only gotten better as the headphones burn in. 

    FURTHER EDIT: cable was just busted, I read up on schematics, cracked it open (carefully), and fixed the problem. connector had a bad release catch, so it's unusable, gonna send it back in for replacement if I can. Other cable works perfectly, and everything else is good. Glad to see it wasn't a headset problem.
    1. Lorspeaker
      b4 I quit headfi, think I will snag one...having heard the k271mkii, k70x...
      this semi open should be interesting. thanks for the review!!
      Lorspeaker, Jun 11, 2013
    2. dragosgalben
      Honestly, looking at the cons and edits why 5 stars? This just negates all your review.
      dragosgalben, Oct 15, 2015
  3. alwin
    Very solid sounding headphone for its price
    Written by alwin
    Published Jun 2, 2013
    Pros - Great sound, clear mids and highs, very comfortable headband,
    Cons - Shallow ear pad, need a bit of amping
    It is my first pair of good quality headphone, it just turns me in to an audiophile within weeks.
    The headphone is very comfortable, it comes with a 3.5mm to 6.2mm adapter, two sets of earpads, straight cable and coil cables.
    It sounded muddy when it was plugged directly to my laptop after the headphone already run for 200 hours, having a look in head-fi and i got the FiiO E17
    The amp clears up the sound and its more dynamic. Vocal is very clear from this headphone, the sound stage is quite wide and no punchy bass.
    Recommend to listen to Jazz, vocal and instrumental. 
  4. Friggs
    Fantastic in all areas
    Written by Friggs
    Published Apr 30, 2013
    Pros - Great sound, clear mids, nice highs, and perfect lows. Very comfortable.
    Cons - With velour pads a little shallow. but I found a fix.
    I am new to higher end headphones, so I might not know all the correct wording, but I will do my best. Before I got these AKG's, my headphones where a set of Bose Tri-Ports, a old set of Realistic  on ear phones made by Koss, and a inear set of Pure Sound 8mm's. These AKG's are fantastic. Great definition and clariety. I do not like overpowering bass, and these don't have it. I feel it is about perfect.Highs are clear without being harsh. Mids are amazing, i love guitar sound from these. sound incredable. same with piano. with the velour pads, my ears touched the inside pad. i took p strip of napkin and rolled it up and stuffed it under the back half of the pad. not to much or it could pull off the pad. it raised the pad enough i  no longer touch the side. problem solved. i listen to all kinds of music, but since i got these, i spend more time listening to jazz, smooth jazz, and classical. they sound so amazing through them. of course all music does. well i do not listen to metal or rap, so i don't know about them. when i first got them i used a Fiio E6. i then got a Fiio E11. drives them just fine. as a source i use a Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0. i want to start using a netbook for music and get a dac. but i need to find info on how using those work. ( any recomended reading on that? book, website, whatever.) as you can tell, this is my first review. any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    as for the AKG's, get it.
    thanks for reading,
  5. Odranoel
    Superbly clean and sharp, a relaxed sound signature
    Written by Odranoel
    Published Nov 10, 2012
    Pros - Clear mids and highs, a comfortable over ear design
    Cons - Lows and highs become overshadowed by supremely clean mids.
    Some of the cleanest mids you'll get for the price point. Possibly the perfect entry-level cans for music lovers who want a neutral sound signature.
    Bear in mind that most AKG cans are not bass-centric. For bassheads, the K240s may turn you off. Surprisingly, I've grown accustomed to the lightweight bass that the K240's offer. Sure, its bass may be overly mild, but you'll hear the rest of the soundscape with a clarity you will not expect. I listen to these cans with the Cowon J3 which appear to give the K240's more "oomph". However, if you want the kind of "punchy bass" that audiophiles talk about, look elsewhere. 
    Tracks observed:
    Omnia - The Fusion
    Dash Berlin - When You Were Around 
    Outside of bass, the K240's are amazing. I fell in love with the mids, especially after the first month of burn-in. When I introduced the K240s to Adele, it immediately replicated the songstress's warm register with ease. Of course, the K240's struggled with Whitney's five-octave range, but it wasn't too shabby really. It was at this point that I understood the K240's. The K240's manouvres soundscapes with steady agility, and uses that same technique to tackle both the low and high registers.
    Tracks observed:
    Adele - Someone Like You
    Whitney - I Have Nothing
    Whitney - I Will Always Love You
    One other thing I'd comment on is that these headphones are miraculously comfortable. After 2 hours of usage, I almost forgot I have them on. They are surprisingly lightweight.
    Note that the K240's require a driver. DO NOT pair them with your smartphone. I have owned them for a year and mostly pair them with the Xonar Essence STX and Cowon J3. My library is mostly FLAC which I play on a non-EQed Foobar2000.
  6. mononymous
    2nd Headphone
    Written by mononymous
    Published Oct 22, 2012
    Pros - Comfortable
    Cons - For the price I paid, audio quality can be better
    Still use it as my main pair, currently trying to find a replacement. But totally happy with my choice. Generally the treble is lacking and it was overall the audio quality was a downgrade from my previous set of cans which was the Grado SR80i but the high level of comfort totally won me over. 
    1. WiR3D
      Um your a bit wrong.
      The Grado just has massively boosted treble. And the AKGs need an amp, like seriously a real amp. They also sound like whatever you plug them into, hence why tube amps are a good match, they are also analytical and will show flaws.
      WiR3D, Oct 23, 2012
  7. exnx
    Great entry headphone for aspiring audiophiles
    Written by exnx
    Published Oct 22, 2011
    Pros - comfort, soundstage, mids, highs
    Cons - needs amp to be driven well
    Like many others, it seems, these are my first pair of good headphones. Going into my audio engineering college program, I needed a pair of headphones and these were one of the ones they recommended. They looked amazing, and were guaranteed to be the best pair of headphones I'd heard, so I got them!
    What's in the box? You get the cans, two sets of pads (one pleather, one velour), two cords (one long straight one, and one coiled) with gold-plated 1/4" jacks, a gold-plated 1/8" screw-on adapter, and a large AKG sticker ([​IMG]).
    How do they feel? In a word: comfortable! After using plenty of $30 Sony headphones with terrible plastic headbands that start to hurt like hell after 20 minutes, wearing these AKGs was such a pleasure. I'm able to wear the K240 for as long as I want or need to. After using both, I've decided I like the velour pads more than the pleather. I have a pretty small head and the velour pads seem to be a tiny bit thicker, which results in a more snug fit for me. That said, the way these are made, I imagine anyone would find these comfortable and well-fitting. The headband is kind of hard to describe in words, but it honestly doesn't even feel like there's anything on top of your head, which is the biggest contribution to their comfort.
    Regarding portability. . . Since I use my K240 for school as well as leisure, they see plenty of travel on a daily basis. This is where these headphones fall a bit short. The headband is absolutely amazing when it's on your head, but it definitely wasn't built to sit around your neck. In reality, whenever I take these headphones with me, I've got them on my ears. The semi-open backs enable to me to hear what's going on around me just fine, and it's more comfortable to have them on than around your neck. If you're looking for a pair of on-the-go headphones, these are sadly not for you. However, taking them from place-to-place isn't such a bad experience.
    What's the sound like? The mids and highs really shine through with this headphone. I find that female vocals especially sound really great. The stereo spread is good and gives you a good soundstage. If you haven't had a pair of decent cans before, yes it's true, you will start hearing parts of songs you may not have noticed before. It's a great feeling, and after listening to music on these for a while you'll start to feel like you're finally listening to music the way it's supposed to be heard. The sound isn't very fatiguing either, but I guess that's a personal thing. I find that I can listen to music longer on these than any other headphone I've tried in the past before feeling like I need a break.
    Bass heads should probably look elsewhere, but that's not to say these don't deliver any bass at all. I find the low end to be. . . "appropriate." Yes, there are moments where I wish there was a bit more punch and impact, but the sound can be very warm depending on what you're listening to. A slight boost in the low end of your EQ can help warm it up to suit your needs. If you're totally into genres like dubstep, hip hop, or other heavily bass-oriented music, you might find these frustrating at times. That said, I've listened to everything from acoustic to electronic to drone metal on these and it's all sounded great.
    Perhaps the biggest hurdle with the sound is being able to drive it. Since I'm still somewhat of a newbie, I don't have a headphone amplifier yet. Plugging the K240 directly into your iPhone will not give you amazing results. You'll have the volume at max and it won't be quiet, but it definitely won't be loud. I have a stereo receiver at home, and plugged into that the K240 really comes to life. If you've got a headphone desktop or portable amp, you're set. If you don't have any kind of amplifier to accompany these, you'll only get half of what they have to offer. I would say you probably don't need anything too intense to power these things well, and there are some pretty cheap entry-level amplifiers that I expect will work fine.
    Are they worth it? For $175-$300, depending on where you find them, I'd say these are a good deal. I actually spent more than I probably should have on mine. I got them for ~$280, but with a lifetime parts and labour warranty (which I will likely never use, bleh). Even at that price, I consider it money well spent, because these headphones instantly got me interested in the audiophilia scene.
    The bottom line is that this should be read as a success story. I love these cans and hope that this review encourages another aspiring audiophile to choose these as their entry headphone.
    1. bcasey25raptor
      Good review. I enjoyed reading it.
      bcasey25raptor, Oct 23, 2011
  8. sweetholymosiah
    Another first...
    Written by sweetholymosiah
    Published Jul 15, 2011
    Pros - As if the sound originated all around you.
    Cons - Now I have no life.
    I found these phones in the local classifieds. Basically unused... I dunno if Audiphiliacs accept a lifetime of musical sound gear experience as righteous enough. I also have a pair of Alesis active monitors, but these are my first real headphones.  Oh wait what about the stream of them I used as a child for keyboard lessons and jamming. 
    I'm having trouble faulting these suckers. They've sent me scrambling for better connections to the digits man! These do not show their potential with an ipod or sound card. I guess I don't need to tell you guys that!
    Warm. On the head. It is summer, but these pads are like nice gloves. They'd be great for a snow storm. Semi Open though, so the wind....
    The musician stands beside me with these AKG headphones, as long as the recording is high quality.
    Even low quality stuff is more fun, for a short while.
    Dare I look for a better sound then the MKII??
    Since I found these 'used' I paid $120 for them.
    5 stars for value.
  9. Charun
    Good overal quality headset
    Written by Charun
    Published May 3, 2011
    Pros - extermely comfy, good response to music "more detial"
    Cons - 55ohms ;(
    Yes first set of quality headphones, the sound just keeps getting better and better, burn in went nicely, responses to bass better every time I use them,

    Only problem I have with is that the low resistance (55ohms) and my big amp don't like the low end at high volumes, they defiantly go loud enough to do some damage with little distortion in the left speaker with bass overall very pleased :) next set is going to be the AKG 702's :)

    I had the choice between discounted M-audio Q40's and these I chose these for the pure over better sound and comfort vs Q40's nice kick in low end but they where very tight on my skull/ears thus only wore the for about 30minutes or so with my ears bloodshot and hot as the Akgs I can wear for hours on end without an issue also had chance to test them out before I bought anything sat in the store with nice powered amp couple CD's weighting out the cons/pros of each set

    EDIT- added:

    Well only real difference apparently is the rating (55ohms vs 600ohms) I think the 600 are more suited for actual studio work, working much more powerful amps/desks so they can pushed higher for louder volume to see how it sounds at that sort of volume (check for distortion and impurities), also I think the quality is about the same, AKG made these to replace the 600 version, but as for real-world applications home use..etc the 55ohms version is better for low-powered devices (ipods, cellphones, mp3's, crappy pc sound cards (lol)  etc..), also IIRC, the 600 studios have been discontinued, this is what managed to found just did bit of research, but either way I recommend any "audiophile/studio-phile" headphones be powered by a decent amp, which drastically increases your overall enjoyment of the headset and making it much more worth the cash.
    1. JamesMcProgger
      anyone know how would this compare to the vintage K240 600 ohms?
      JamesMcProgger, May 3, 2011
    2. Charun
      Well only real difference apparently is the rating (55ohms vs 600ohms) I think the 600 are more suited for actual studio work, working much more powerful amps/desks so they can pushed higher for louder volume to see how it sound at that sort of volume, also I think the quality is about the same, AKG made these to replace the 600 version, but as for real-world applications home use..etc the 55ohms version is better for low-powered devices (ipods, cellphones, mp3's, crappy pc sound cards (lol) etc..), also IIRC, the 600 studios have been discontinued, this is what managed to found just did bit of research, but either way I recommend any "audiophile/studio-phile" headphones be powered by a decent amp, which drastically increases your overall enjoyment of the headset and making it much more worth the cash
      Charun, May 19, 2011
  10. Phait
    Bang for you buck
    Written by Phait
    Published Mar 3, 2011
    Pros - Clear mids and highs, appropriate bass, instrument seperation
    Cons - Shallow cups
    First off, I am by no standards a veteran audiophile: I have only, within the last half-year, started my journey into the world of hifi sound.
    To begin - the positives. The mids were stunning, a quality that extended up through the highs. The bass, some call it lacking and some plenty, was just right for me, I call it proper.
    Like the reviewer above me, I also found the shallow cups a bit uncomfortable, but it was nothing unmanageable. Their size is fine for home use, but portable use isn't really practical.
    The sound stage and instrument seperation is wonderful. I regularly listen to my favorite classical pieces over and over and just focus on certain instruments each time.

    Well that's my two cents, but everyone likes their own sound, so if you think the k240 mkii's are for you, go for it! If you don't like them you can always put them up on the forums here and odds are someone will buy them.