Akg K172Hd K 172 Hd High Definition Headphones

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Akg K172Hd K 172 Hd High Definition Headphones

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Pros: Nice soundstage, Clean Sound, Pleasant,
Cons: Bass Lacking, Tight hold on your head
This was my first step into Hi-Fi audio so this reveiw should be taken with a little salt.
First off if you are a bass head run from these headphones! If you like RnB, Jazz or anything with a similar sound profile you will be very happy with these. There not neutral ( there seems to be a nice bump in the mids and treble can be a bit intense, bass i will mention later), they like a good source so phones and Ipod's (imo) are out. I definitely made the mistake of using my old phone to power these on my way to work. 
The grip is tight, VERY tight. They feel a little crushing sometimes for prolonged listening unless you stretch them over something (I used my Mackie MR5 mk2 for about an hour). Once the fit is sorted out the are excellent! Super light too, after you have them snug on your head you will forget about them (unless ear crushing occurs).
Treble is nice,the majority of music I listen to isn't really very treble intense but where it did come up i was quite happy.
Mids are beautiful! Listening to the Wookie remix of Soul 2 Soul's Fairplay is amazing due to the presence of all the vocals and the clean snap of the snare. BUT....
The Bass present on said song is very shy especially compared to warmer headphones.
All in all an excellent headphone for entry level Hi-Fi IF your not a bass head and you take the time to stretch them over something and burn them in a little


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