1. Sam-Fi

    Almost there! Isolation, clarity, relaxation.

    Hi, so I am really close to finding my next pair of headphones,   I have the DT1350 and the K172 as my kicking around headphones for isolation when I need it. They come soo close to perfect for my usage.   What I really want in my next pair of headphones is isolation and comfort. Now, as you...
  2. Lwerewolf

    AKG K172 HD Repair - Where to get parts

    Hello,   Basically the question is the thread name.   I asked pretty much the same thing in the Full-Size Headphones section and one guy pretty much directed me to this section. Sorry for the double threads in advance.   Just in case anybody's interested in what happened - My left...
  3. Triple X

    AKG K172 HD: do they really exist?

    Hello all,   after hours of research on this forum and using Google, I have only found 3 or 4 places which even acknowledge the K172's existence: even the AKG website does not list them! So I ask, does anybody own these headphones? What are they like, sp. sound-wise? And if not, do you...
  4. evilqwerty

    Sony mdr-v55 or AKG k172hd

    Hi all, I'm buying my first semi-decent pair of headphones.  I don't think I'll use them outdoors.  I like lots of bass, but treble is more important to me.   Due to budget, I'd narrowed it down to   Sony mdr-v55 for $60CAD and AKG k172hd for $100CAD.   Which pair sounds better in...
  5. polishbroadcast

    Will AKG K172 pads fit on K171?

    Hi. Long time reader, first time joiner.   I have a pair of K171's that i had refurbished but need to replace the pads and want the velour ones. The only current model close is the K172.   Are the K171 and K172 the same physical construction? AKG sells replacement pads for the K172 and i...
  6. invalid404

    Grado SR80i vs AKG K172HD

    I am thinking of giving the gift of music to my parents this Christmas!    ...Well not really but since these 2 set of cans are similarly priced nowadays (100$ Canadian) I was wondering what pair has better sound quality for mostly softer rock (Sting, The Beatles, Meatloaf, etc.) and across...
  7. User12345

    Seeking Advice -$100 Budget

    Hi,   I'm looking for some advice on which desktop (full size?) AMP to get.  Primarily I have a few low end headphones in my collection but looking to expand in the future and would like an AMP to properly drive them but I don't know where to start.  Music I like are electronica house, some...
  8. maxietheboss

    Looking for new headphones

    I am currently looking for new headphones. I am currently using a creative fatal1ty mk2 headset. It's ok for listening to music, but not for thoroughly enjoying and feeling music. Before this I used a sennheiser HD205 which I just can't wear, as they start hurting really bad after about a...
  9. galbenush

    Akg 272 HD or others...?

               I am trying to buy a pair of headphones within a 200$ budget. I do not have the opportunity to listen to them before i buy them....              From the reviews i found on the internet i came to the conclusion that the AKG 272 HD would be right for me. But before i buy them, i...
  10. Leadmann12g

    Best build your own amp

    Hi all,   I've followed Head-Fi for some time, but have never posted a question... until today.   I'm sure that this has been answered in prior threads, but now that I've had my first set of good headphones (AKG K172 HD) I'm ready to build a portable amp.  I've researched the CMOY's and...
  11. Triple X

    Sennheiser HD25-II vs AKG K172 HD, or any other suggestions.

    Hello all,   I am looking for some closed back on ear headphones for around $200. I can find very little info on the AKG K172 HD's, and I would appreciate opinions and comparisons. I have stalked the forums and the internet as a whole and found next to nothing .   Also, I have used a...
  12. jhelsas

    Entry level in-ear and closed fullsized headphones

    Hello guys, this is my first time here. Well, as the title say i'm looking for entry level headphones, one for mobile use and one for home use.   Just contextualize, until very recently I was completely unaware of the existence of quality music with headphones. Till last year all I had...
  13. juntom10

    ugh...i become a fan of GRADO headphones LOL

    I was using an AKG headphone 172HD..   and I got Grado SR 80..   and..wow i love the sound alot...   sound is so tasty...i love it....   i really... like it..   so i ordered sr 60 for the portable usage..   and im about to buy sr 225...   wow..   GRADO headphone...
  14. gryphon

    AKG K172HD Sibilant??

    Hi,   I was almost on the verge of buying the AKG K172HD but find that it sounds alittle sibilant with female vocals especially poorly recorded ones. The set I tested is totally new and I was wondering if there are owners who can verify if it is really sibilant or it will disappear after...
  15. justinmonty

    Need help Choosing my 1st good headphones

    Hey guys well this is going to be the first time I purchase a good quality headphone! I was looking up quite a bit and I'm deciding to stick with an AKG model, however I'm not sure as to which I should get. I'll be using the headphones from anything from pc, to tv to gaming and ipods a lot, I do...
  16. EhteeUser

    Best Cans for $200 or Less?

    Hello.        I have read recently that IEMs can alter your ear canal in a way that you can lose how well you hear in one ear (or both). So, I think I'm switching to full-size headphones for my Samsung P3 (mp3 player), but unlike IEMs, I know little to nothing about what good cans there are...
  17. DevanF

    A Quick and Dirty Review of the AKG K172 HD

    If your looking for an incredible headphone that will blow your head off, this isn't it. But it it is a great headphone just not incredible. I spend most my time listening to music whether through speakers or my headphones when i design I listen to music. Part of my job is making sure audio is...
  18. Coldcut

    Short review of a AKG listening session, various headphones

    Hi, went down to my local hifi dealer to get a pair of headphones for portable use, not walking or running though, will mostly be used on the train, busses, airplanes etc. Used my Iphone 4 for the tests.   Contenders are: AKG K518 DJ AKG K540 AKG K530 AKG K514 AKG K142HD AKG...
  19. DevanF

    Graphic designer with an audio dilemma: Grado sr225i or akg k172

    So just last month my wife left my old cans on the ground for the dogs to eat. But out of impulse and bad insight I got the beats solo HD. They were in my price range but I was so disappointed in quality I returned them. Now after more research I either want the Grado sr225i or akg k172 Here...
  20. Bengkia369

    AKG K172HD considered entry level cans?

    sound is pretty good and isolation is very good too. Anyone have reviews?
  21. ElephantTLK

    Closed phones - for monitoring outside

    Hi   Need new phones. This time closed. For monitoring outside when we will record... So need cans with no or little sound leak. sound quality is not so important but still need to be good. Price? Something to around 150€ or maybe little more.   I was looking at: Beyer DT150, 250 -...
  22. Unicorn!

    AKG K 172 HD

    Hi All! First Post! I'm currently in the market for some new headphones and after doing a whole bunch of searching through Head-Fi and google I'm 60% sure I want a pair of AKG's. The problem is the pair that suits my needs and price range is the K 172 HD and I just can't find any decent...
  23. Klarnet Basowy


    New studio serie: K142HD, K172HD, K242HD, e K272HD first preview on italian headphones site (Headphones.it: contatto intimo con la musica - Home): Headphones.it: contatto intimo con la musica - Gennaio 2008: La nuova serie Studio di AKG and K 141 MK II, K 240 MK II, K 171...
  24. Akg K172Hd K 172 Hd High Definition Headphones

    Akg K172Hd K 172 Hd High Definition Headphones

    Akg K172Hd K 172 Hd High Definition Headphones