AKG K 530

General Information

The AKG K 530 are semi-open, dynamic headphones that are part of AKG's Wired line and are offered in white or black. These are entry level professional headphones that appeal to the money-conscious audiophile.
They are made with a self-adjusting headband for a comfortable wear, and are suited for quiet listening environments and/or monitoring due to the open design which lets the sound 'breathe' as well as letting outside noise in. The XXL speakers have varimotion diaphragms which give accurate response while the open-back design allows sound to escape through the back of the earcup which gives an airy and natural quality to the sound. They are also designed with NdFe magnets and can handle a maximum of 200mW at 55 ohms. The ear pads are washable and easy to replace. Available in black and white.


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