AKG Acoustics K-240 Semi Open Studio Headphones

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The Studio version of these classic hi-fi stereo headphones uses XXL speakers with Varimotion diaphragms for higher sensitivity, a wider dynamic range, and higher sound levels. Other features include semi-open earphones, a solid bass range, clear highs, and excellent comfort.

Latest reviews

Pros: Lightweight, very comfortable, superb audio quality, spacious non-fatiguing sound, wide soundstage, great imaging, detachable cable, removable earpads
Cons: Design is not for everyone, too cheap for what they deliver :),
These cans are really, really good. Highly recommended.
Pros: Warm sound, good mid, cheap price at $70, easy to drive compare to others
Cons: bass is boomy, and slow, but still way better than Dr Dre's headphone.
Warm sound, good mid, great price
Easy to drive compare with other studio headphone, there is shouldn't be too much complaint consider this headphone now only retail about $70 and sound really great.
If you find 240s to be boomy then best of luck with your quest to find a perfect headphone !
Pros: Clear Mids, Tangible Highs and Subtle Bass
Cons: You will start to hear the difference between MP3 and Flac.
Having owned these headphones for roughly 6 months I must have accumulated over 1500 hours with the K240s on my head - that will give a hint of my opinion on them!
- Sound quality is a definite step up from most consumer headphones; after owning these I don't settle for anything less.
- These headphones are completely non-fatiguing wearing these for hours at a time is a breeze.
- Comfort is surprisingly good; the pleather cups can leave a bit to be desired after about 5 hour or so but other than that they are great.
- Overall good build quality, although the headphones are mostly plastic I have dropped them a few times and they didn't suffer any damage. Look after these and they should last years.
- Detachable cable a definite plus. Furthermore, the cable is of a gauge that it wont break if it gets caught in a door or something!
- 196Kbit/s MP3s wont cut anymore with these. A good source also does make a difference (I run mine through a DigiDesign 003 Rack).
- Although these headphones are rated 55Ohm impedance; those with a love of low end bass will definitely appreciate running these through an amp.
- Poor sound insulation/isolation is not great. Obviously with these being 'semi-open' headphones wearing these on the bus is a no-no.
- Something a didn't think of before I bought these is that coming from closed headphones I did not appreciate how wind creates whooshing noises when you listen to them outside.
- The large earcups will turn heads in a public place (not in a good way). These are not beats, wear these for the music not style.
A great headphone for anyone looking to get into the headphone club; I don't feel embarrassed when mentioning I own these to sound engineers or producers. The headphones scale well with better source equipment/amps. I bought mine for £50/$85 and at this price I think they deserve 5*.
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