Aircoustic by Vivanco - beech wood ear speakers

General Information

A new IEM from Aircoustic by Vivanco. They are called beech wood ear speakers. As the name says they are made from beech wood. According to Aircoustic they are earphones that are (and have) "hand crafted, mellow bass, pure high notes" as described on the front of the box. With a frequency response of 18hz - 23khz and a sensitivity of 98dB too.

Latest reviews

Pros: Surprising sound, and a steal at the price I paid for them.
Cons: There is some cable noise, and I personally don't feel they would be worth their full RRP.
So, my local hi fi store (Richer Sounds) appears to have a deal on these little gems as they currently retail for £10 in comparison to their normal £50. So, me being me, I picked up a pair to see what they were like. Oh my, actually, their quite good! Now that they've had music played through them constantly for a few days, I'm getting a better picture of them. 
Essentially, they are a universal fit earbud speaker but made out of beech wood in this case. Additionally, they have a tuning port on the back of each speaker as well. They have a 1.2m cord, a gold 3.5mm jack, a small carrying case and a sensitivity of 98dB. Supposedly they have a frequency response of 18hz - 23khz. We shall see...
Value: Extremely good value for the price, there is no doubt about it. No, their nothing on a pair of Shures, or Etymotics but they have a certain charm, along with an interesting build too.
Audio quality: they can be described as having a "fun" kind of sound with good bass extension, which initially was quite muddy and flappy but since has improved dramatically, providing deep impact but without any woolly stray notes. The mid lows are affected in the same way. Slight emphasis here instead though. The mids are relatively neutral as are the mid highs but the highs are definitely rolled off in places here. For example, cymbals don't quite sparkle (but then, these are reference IEMs, I should stop whining). 
Overall, the sound quality isn't bad at all. There is reasonably good definition, nice impact, a decent soundstage and nice depth too.
Design: the design is interesting, one thing being that they are obviously made of wood. Alongside this, as they are supposedly hand turned they are unique. I have noticed this. And it's nice. Differences in the wood grain etc.
Moving onto the cable, they have a woven cable which while can be quite noisy at times does make a lot of difference when it comes to anti tangle. I have yet to tangle them once in stuffing them in my pocket to see if it would happen. Nope, nothing at all. Good times. Plus the little bag is a great bonus too.
Comfort: they are surprisingly comfortable and fit very nicely, in my case with the smallest tips, and I can wear them for an extended period of time without any problems. Of course, I can still feel them occasionally and once I got a funny little pain in one part of my ear, but it passed as soon as I took them out for a few minutes and hasn't come back since. With the buds being very pliable, it does help.  Additionally, they isolate passively extremely well too.
Overall: a fun little earphone with an interesting design, maybe not quite living up to the statement of "pure high notes" as described, but granted, they are low-mid range at full RRP. Anyway, yes, a nice IEM with a decent sound and fit which can be driven off practically anything (my modded BT928 as of right now) and are an ABSOLUTE STEAL at £10 from Richer Sounds. At full RRP, there is more to be desired in the mid highs and highs, and maybe something should be done about the "noise" from the cable knocking against itself too. The 3.5mm jack looks a tad flimsy as well? Maybe a little plastic sheath or something? 
The cable attachment will break within a few months of normal use. They sounded really nice before that.


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