Acoustune HS2000MX

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New Head-Fier
Mecha IEM
Pros: Looks really interesting
Modular Shell design is fun
Cons: Niche Tuning (IMHO)
Weird Fit
The Cable looks and feels nice, they are also weighty for what they are. Sadly the cable does oxidize over time, giving it a slight green tint to the cable.

The HX2000MX design are definitely unique, reminds me a lot of Japanese Mecha Style from Gundam, LBX, and many other Mecha Anime. The Sharp lines, The Metalic Blue and White Color screams futuristic in their design. Apparently what you saw here can be separated, the buds are modular, hence the Modular Body Design Technology they use.

Speaking about the shape and design of the IEM. Honestly, the IEM fit weird on my ears. And, I may or may not hate the shape and fit. But… since I just found out you could separate the module from the case, maybe removing it will help them fit better in ears. Since these aren’t mine, I don’t think I should be messing with them. The futuristic design and shape made this iem unique to look at but does not provide a good and easy insertion upon wearing them.

Enough talk about fit and design, let move to…

The Sounds!

I test this pair with my demo test playlist which I linked in the video description.

Let’s talk about the first song on the list! Hikari by Miwa. The First Take, Home Take version to be exact. From the notes I’ve taken during the test. Vocals on the HX2000MX took the front stage with it. Meaning that the vocals are pronounced and forward, the performance is also really good as her voice doesn’t came out harsh or quiet. However, I think that her guitar feels a little “Dry” in My Opinion. The soundstage on this particular track is not exactly wide, but the imaging is pretty good so far. Overall, a pretty good experience with Japanese Pop Song.

Moving out towards the west, the next track is Barracuda by Heart. For me, Barracuda sounds pretty lacking on the subbass department, as the kickdrums aren’t pronounced enough to my taste. However, I don’t really mind this downside as the Electric Guitars are very pronounced, but not the Acoustic one. Plugging the HX2000MX to a Chord Mojo made the subbass slightly better, but overall it’s not really a huge difference. If this song and this pair is in for review, this song will get a 1, meaning it’s okay to listen to, but I enjoyed something else.

Moving on the slightly harsh end of the spectrum, the next song is Unholy Confessions by Avenged Sevenfold. The Male Vocal presence on this track is pretty good, in my opinion, the Male Vocals stands out from the instruments. The Soundstage is also wide, with good enough separation between instruments. Especially the Ride Cymbals on the Scream part of the song, eventhough it is in a very busy part of the song, the ride cymbals are still noticeable and not covered by the other sounds. However, the kick drum problem persists to this song. Not sure, how I would rate this song. But I think it’s way more enjoyable than Barracuda. Okay so far ? Good… Onward then!

Orchestral version of My Heart Will Go On by Danish National Symphony is next. In this track I do found another flaw ? maybe ? I digress, in this song, I found out that there are slight peak in high frequencies. Making the set a candidate for a fatiguing experience. The Soundstage are amazing, but I think it might have a slight disadvantage on the Instrument Separation department. Overall, the experience with the orchestral song is a good one, it should work well if you like to listen to an orchestra.

Last but not least, let’s talk “fun” factor, for this test I choose Animals by Martin Garrix. There’s not a lot said about this song other than the bass is slightly better than Astell & Kern’s Zero2. But again, the lack of kick drum thumps on the other test track made this a “meh” set, and barely passes the “fun” test.


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