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    Combinations of HS1300SS + BAKOON CAP1003 + LGV40
  2. ranfan

    Acoustune HS2000MX Flagship Model

    Releasing in Japan, November 2021, The HS2000MX (SHO) is Acoustune newest flagship model sporting a single dynamic driver and modular chamber design 「笙」'Sho' is a wind instrument made of bamboo pipes used in gagaku (traditional Japanese...
  3. Acoustune HS2000MX

    Acoustune HS2000MX

  4. Acoustune HS1300SS

    Acoustune HS1300SS

    Specifications: Housing: Stainless steel cabinet made of CNC technology with stainless steel inner casing Connector: Pentaconn Ear Driver: 10mm D3.5 generation 10mm Myrinx dynamic driver Frequency response: 10Hz – 25kHz Sensitivity: 110dB/mW Maximum input: 100mW Impedance: 32 Ohms Weight...
  5. iBo0m

    Acoustune Impressions thread

    Hello! I've heard from Acoustune that their new "reference" flagship HS1695TI along with HS1655CU are planned to be released during August. However, both models were already part of a few local audio exhibitions. Can anyone who was lucky to try the HS1695TI share some thoughts – I suppose that...
  6. Acoustune HS1004

    Acoustune HS1004

    Acoustune HS1004 is advertised as an IEM having "Vocal and Bass Reverb with Wide-Range Clarity", which employs their innovative 10mm Myrinx-coated dynamic drivers.