Acoustic Research 5.1 Surround Wireless Headphones (AWD510)

General Information

Expanding its offerings for personalized and portable listening, Audiovox offers these Acoustic Research headphones that deliver superior sound quality for music, voice and gaming. The 2.4Ghz digital wireless high-definition model delivers a high-quality sound experience.These wireless headphones are the first in a series of Acoustic Research HD Headphone products that use a digital transmission, multiple high-definition drivers, patented multi-acoustic chamber designs and digital crossover filters to deliver higher-quality sound with more depth, enhanced precise directionality and wide frequency range.AWD510 incorporates Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound Capability (AC3, Dolby Pro Logic, DTS, AAC) to reproduce a true personalized theater immersion experience within a range of 60 feet. Perfect for the largest home theater room, the 2.4Ghz advanced digital RF technology helps eliminate dropouts and noise associated with analog technologies. Weighing just 7.9 ounces, these headphones include Enhanced Sound and Resonance speaker technology that delivers higher sound pressure level, lower cross-speaker interference and less sensitivity of ear cup cavity, air passages and volumes resulting in stable consistent acoustic performance. The headphones use a built-in protective sound pressure level control that limits the sound pressure level to protect the user's ear.Featuring an integrated multi-chamber design with three high-performance speakers for each ear cup, the headphones offer a wide frequency response range of 20Hz to 20.000Hz. Eight selectable channels enable performance optimization. The headphones provide up to eight hours per charge of listening from the rechargeable lithium polymer battery while the lightweight transmitter operates on AC power or three AAA batteries, providing mobility and flexibility.


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