2Canz pro wireless hybrid

General Information


Package contains
3.5 to 3.5mm cable with MIc
USB micro charging cable

Color white
Wireless range 35ft
Battery life 85 hours
Charge time 4 hours
Speaker 50mm Neodymium HD drivers
Comfrasoft Ear cushions and headband
8-way adjustable
Bluetooth or wired

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Headphones and Coffee

Previously known as Wretched Stare
2canz pro
Pros: lightweight, decent build, wired or Bluetooth, fun sounding and stylish
Cons: similar build to the 2one, ear cups are free moving, USB micro? no dual plugs like the other model
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Opening the very nicely designed 2CANZ box one finds a presentation worthy of far more expensive headphones. inside is the 2ONE model with quick start guide that is written simple and easy to use under the satin packaging is the two cables both of decent quality one is 3.5mm the other is a USB charging cable.
Drivers 50mm Neodymium PET drivers
Response 20-20KHz
Impedance 32 Ohms
Sensitivity 110dB
Max Power1600mW
charge time/ Battery life 4hrs / 85 hrs

The headphones themselves are of a sturdy design with a padded headband that has metal reinforcement and swivel in many directions, clamping is gentle, and pads provide good comfort and isolation. The adjustment notches work well, and the headphone will stay in place without having to readjust.

These looks similar to other studio headphones with the cool logo on the side, but the sound differs more than the other brands I have.

Bass: Sub-Bass has a nice amount of rumble but unlike others it has some decent control to it and doesn't become muddy or too thick unless the track is bass boosted too much, for the most part it is just north of balanced sounding. Mid-Bass has a great punch and is balanced. Bass not only has bite but details to enjoy.
Mids: Are warm yet very rich, clear and full of details. Vocals are very natural and warm sounding with a slight recession.
Treble: The highs are clear and crisp with a average amount of sparkle and no harshness was found.

Soundstage: Both soundstage and imaging are average in width and exceeded my expectations in music, movies and also gaming.

The 2canz offers a no frills Bluetooth / wired headphone with a fun sounding balanced /mild V-shaped tuning that looks good.

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