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1000+ Head-Fier
So much potential but falls short
Pros: Great sound (under the ideal conditions), excellent detail retrieval and soundstage, solid case build quality, decent noise cancelling
Cons: ANC and sound quality let down by poor seal, short case battery life, minimal app support, unforgiving of "poorly"-mastered tracks, Qualcomm chipset quirks
DISCLAIMER: I no longer have this product. These were my final impressions prior to returning them. It is possible that some of these issues reflect a defect or my own hearing.

Design: 7/10
The earbuds are fairly large and bulky, comparable to similar options from Anker and Sony. They don't have "stems" but the added bulk presumably acts similarly putting the microphones further out.

Build quality: 7/10
The metal charging case is nicely built with an anti-slip rubber bottom. However, the bottom does collect dust and lint quite easily. The earbuds themselves are another story - after repeated usage and removing the eartips/sleeves, the right earbud's housing started making a crackling sound (especially when squeezed) suggesting the plastic seams have become loose. As a result I had to take down some points for this issue.

Comfort and Fit: 5/10
Though the comfort was decent, I struggled to get a seal with the larger earhooks which often pushed out my right ear such that I was hearing less treble than the right, and I was also getting unintentional auto-pauses on the left bud. None of the earhooks fit my ears well, and it was only later I realized these come with an earsleeve with no hooks! With these I was getting a more consistent seal with both ears and therefore a more balanced sound, but they would still slip out after prolonged use, not to mention when wearing a mask with tight ear loops. Wearing detection/auto-pause can't be turned off (only an option whether to resume playback or not) which is disappointing as I had cases of unintentional auto-pauses when I was using ear-hooks.

Isolation 7/10 (ANC 7.6/10)
For my ears these don't fit deep, more like "half in-ears" so passive isolation is medicore. ANC is decent mainly tames down/smooths background noises rather than reducing it. There's also some faint EMI static whether ANC is turned on or off. My commute is still very noisy thanks to the old-generation skytrains. There are two ANC modes - Mode 2 is designed for indoor settings and just sounds less aggressive than Mode 1 - to me it was almost useless. One irritating issue is that ANC setting is not remembered and it automatically starts with ANC OFF when you power them on.

Sound: 8.5/10
Overall, I am very impressed with the sound, which is tuned with a broad V-shape but generally sounds warm and dark. Punchy bass but slight mid-bass bloat. There's a hot spot in the upper mids/treble that sounds borderline sibilant, but the detail retrieval is excellent similar to the 1More Triple Driver IEM. Soundstage and instrument separation is quite spacious with deep layering

NOTICE: This may be down to my own hearing in combination with the poor fit, but I did notice some channel volume imbalance with the left bud often being noticeably louder. Using the earsleeves with no ear hooks/fins, this issue was greatly reduced, though I still noticed a slight slant towards the left channel when listening to mono tracks. For whatever reason the volume fluctuates left and right when changing the volume, and sometimes re-inserting the left bud causes the sound to become more centered for my ears.

Connectivity 8.5/10
Devices tested: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (Exynos) and ASUS Zenbook Pro 15 - Both support Bluetooth 5.0 + AptX but not Qualcomm TWS Plus

These use an older-generation Qualcomm chip which supports TrueWireless Stereo Plus (unfortunately, I can't test this out), but also has a clunky single-ear implementation where the buds are listed individually will temporarily pause when hot-swapping them. Playing/resuming tracks or changing the volume causes the audio to pan around before it settles. Connection is relatively solid overall at home, but when I was using the left bud independently outdoors in a busy environment, it was very prone to cutting. These have a combination of button and touch controls, but the buttons are ONLY used for toggling between ANC/passive/ambient modes. Most annoying is that these don't remember your set mode, and always power on with ANC OFF, so you must cycle through the touch controls to turn it on through the two modes (high and low) or use ambient mode. Ambient mode is quite clean with a constant level (I can play piano without it cutting or distorting in loud notes), but a bit low in volume. Annoyingly, these default to no ANC or ambient when only one bud is used, and the touch controls are completely disabled so you must use the app to enable ambient mode.

These have a supporting app which is quite slow to connect. Playing music while initiating this app may cause a connection failure until you pause your music. The app does not offer any EQ settings or features aside from toggling auto-resume, ANC/ambient modes.

Battery life 6.5/10
As these require the volume to be near the top (I generally listen between 85-100%), the battery life falls short, especially for the case. I was only getting between 4.5-5 hours at high volumes with ANC. When placed on the desk, these will automatically power off, which may or may not be desireable - you must manually power them on again afterwards. Case battery is quite short lasting between 8-10 hours or spanning1.5 days of general usage. The case battery LED indicator is very inconsistent - sometimes it shows as yellow (medium) but then flash red (low) when I shut the lid and vice versa. I always preferred those step-LEDs as being more reliable than changing colours. When the case is near depleted (still showing a flashing red light), the buds must be manually turned on.

I've also had many occasions where the buds fail to turn on automatically, especially if I take them out of the case too fast. In these cases I have to either re-open the case after a few seconds or manually power them on with their buttons.

Towards the end of my time with these, I started encountering more issues with the case. The left bud would sometimes power on and connect while inside the case, and the case battery started deteriorating, presumably because the charge was "leaking" from this issue.

Conclusion 6/10
The 1More Dual Driver ANC TWS offered a lot to promise but ultimately fall short considering their asking price. The sound quality has the potential to be excellent, but just when they were growing on me, then I ran into more issues and returned them. It is very possible that my unit had some defects, but some of these issues seem widespread and not necessarily absent in other units.
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