1MORE ComfoBuds Pro


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1MORE ComfoBuds Pro Review
Pros: Great ANC, 22 EQ Presets, 5 Sound settings
Cons: The Earbuds might be a bit longer than desired.
1MORE ComfoBuds Pro Review


A melding of a smooth and balanced sound, with a very good use of ANC as an option. This earphone is great if you want to drown out the sounds of your kids and possibly loved one, but make sure that you are looking around for them so they won’t completely complain to you!



The case is very nice, as it offers an easy way to remove the earbuds (push at the lighted tip and pull up the earbud end).



The 5! Listening modes are what set this earbud pair apart from most wireless earbuds, in my opinion. The modes are:

Off, Strong (ANC), Mild (ANC), Pass-through, and WNR (Wind Noise Reduction). I usually just stick with the Strong if I’m alone, and Pass-through if I’m with my family.

This blue wireless earbud pair is gorgeous, as it has a beautiful design with good, all-around sound with a clean ANC - makes the ComfoBuds Pro worth the 5.0 stars and a good buy, in my opinion.

For more info about pricing, and specs, go here.

Feel free to contact me on Head-Fi.org (moedawg140), and I can help you out with regards to any questions or inquiries you might have! Take care.
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Thanks and how's the mic call quality?