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  1. taisho

    Looking for good headphones with great bass for dubstep music under $60

    I would say they block out a good percentage of outside noise because of the overwhelming bass, but it also leaks sound as well...not sure how much though. I would say one of the downsides to the XB500's is that if you have big ears then they might not fit into the pads.
  2. taisho

    Looking for good headphones with great bass for dubstep music under $60

    You honestly cannot beat the price and performance that the XB500 delivers.  There's so much bass in those cans and if you want your brain to rattle then you gotta go with these.  They're perfect for the genres that you listen to.  
  3. taisho

    Sony XB500(and other XB series cans) Appreciation Thread

    Bought these cans about a month ago and these are amazing for house/trance music. Never have I had my brain massaged so much, haha. The bass is just in your face non-stop!  
  4. taisho

    HT Omega Claro Halo + OPA627 op-amps

    Quote: Yes, you are correct. Sorry, I don't check head-fi that frequently anymore, but that setup works pretty well.
  5. taisho

    Soundcard Suggestions - Dedicated DAC & Dolby Headhpone device

    I have a DV Amp and a HT Omega Claro Halo soundcard with upgraded op-amps. My amp is currently boxed up. 'nough said.
  6. taisho

    Good songs to test bass on headphones?

    Techmaster PEB - Bassgasm   This track will fulfill ALL of your bass needs. My brain turned into mush and now I'm a vegetable. CHEERS!  
  7. taisho

    Convinced a friend to purchase Sennheiser IE6

    Quote: I should probably update my sig as I have owned a pair of ER6i's but that was back in '06/'07 and I honestly don't remember much about the sound signature of them because I was in my early stages on my head-fi journey and I think I bought 'em mainly because they looked dope and I...
  8. taisho

    Convinced a friend to purchase Sennheiser IE6

    Quote:   Quote: Yeah, I didnt really wanna take the time to research a ton of IEMs that would've taken me hours to filter through.  I just went with a reputable company as mentioned by Nightslayer.  
  9. taisho

    Convinced a friend to purchase Sennheiser IE6

    To be honest, I was biased and I just did a quick search for Sennheiser IEMs 'cause I really like their audio equipment.  She wanted something that would last her awhile, cancel out ambient noise, 'good' sound quality and something she could take to the gym from time to time.
  10. taisho

    Convinced a friend to purchase Sennheiser IE6

    So my friend came to me asking for a good pair of headphones and I dropped some n3rd head-fier knowledge on her.  It first started out as her wanting a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, but she wanted better sound isolation so I suggested her some Sennheiser IEMs.  Her budget was around 100...
  11. taisho

    good soundcard/amp for HD555 (under $100)

    HD555's don't need to be amped.   But, my HT Omega soundcard is reallllly good and turns out to be a monster once you change the op-amps. However, it's outside of your budget.
  12. taisho

    identify this amp.

    I was just curious as to what amp this was that was shown in this music video. Pause at 2:28-2:29
  13. taisho

    Thinking of going the OP AMP route...

    On my setup, I have the OPA627's attached to the DAC output of my soundcard and the LM4562's on the headphone out.  The OPA627 chip is nowhere near to being flat sounding.  I feel that this op-amp makes your music more lively and entertaining.  Your old music becomes new in some sense. Here's a...
  14. taisho

    Thinking of going the OP AMP route...

    Ooo nice, even better. Yeah, I can only speak to what I have purchased, so the OP might wanna look into the OPA827's.
  15. taisho

    Thinking of going the OP AMP route...

    Yeah, those chips will fit. All you need is one of their 627 superchips ($37) and you're set. And the sound is pretty much a night/day difference with this op-amp. What kind of headphones are you using?
  16. taisho

    Thinking of going the OP AMP route...

    You can try going to   They're a Canadian based company and carry 3 high-end op-amps (AD797, LM4562, OPA627).  I personally found the OPA627 op-amps to be really scary good.  The amount of detail, instrument/music separation, bass and the natural sound of the...
  17. taisho

    Are my ears broken?

    Just to get some info out of the way, my Darkvoice 3322 amp is burned in, purchased almost a year ago and I decided to buy some new tubes since one of my Chinese tubes started to hum.   I recently purchased some new tubes (Svetlana 6S19-P (NOS) // GE 6AK5w (used) ) for my Darkvoice 3322 amp...
  18. taisho

    Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

    I received my 650s yesterday and I'm still burning them in. How many hours do they need to be burned in?  
  19. taisho

    Aloe Blacc

    This dude can sing too! Check out his other album with Cradle Orchestra entitled "Open Your Mind."  
  20. taisho

    HT Omega Claro Halo + OPA627 op-amps

    I would have to say that this setup is pretty bomb.  I put two 627's in slots 8 and 10 with one LM4562's in slots 9 and 10.  The sound itself is amazing.  Never had I heard so much detail and musical separation in my life.  I honestly was rediscovering old music and noticing all the little...
  21. taisho

    need some assistance setting up my HT OMEGA Claro Halo with my z-5500s

    did you change the analog output?  
  22. taisho

    HT Omega Claro -> SennHD600 sound issues

    It could be electrical interference? Im not too sure how to remedy that problem. Try using the HD600 plug instead of the extension cable.  Also, the HT Omega support is pretty knowledgable and helpful.    
  23. taisho

    The Opamp thread

    Quote: I currently have 2 LM4562 op-amps in U8 + U10 and 2 OPA627 op-amps connected via adapter in U9 and an OPA627 superchip in U10.
  24. taisho

    Gaming Amp + Soundcard

    You might go with Creative for gaming soundcards. HT Omega is not the best for gaming but it's really solid for music and movies.
  25. taisho

    Sennheiser HD 600 Impressions Thread

    Quote: I agree. The HD600's does have some decent quality bass, but it has little impact. I guess I would consider the HD600's to be bass-light. The bass is nowhere as monstrous as the Pro-900's. And it also depends on how high of a volume you listen to and your equipment, etc etc.