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    Which 3 Headphones To Keep? (Decision Made!)

    Quote: Originally Posted by user18 Fitz, which version of the Sextett did you keep? i believe it was the middle production, mentioned somewhere earlier in this thread
  2. d-cee

    Where is Singlepower? Where is Mikhail?

    who's better, Xin or Mikhail?
  3. d-cee

    Lambda question for the Stax mob

    The SR-Lambda to me is quite bassy and a bit fuller sounding relative to the SR-Lambda Pro. Perhaps tubes may be in your future?
  4. d-cee

    Is it just Me?

    try Stax SR-404
  5. d-cee

    The Fifth Head-Fi Sydney Meet - Saturday 21st June

    sorry guys :megasadface: there was quite a few headphones i wanted to hear at the meet too
  6. d-cee

    Opamp rolling the Apache

    what are the red ones for?
  7. d-cee

    Any Halo Headphone(s) in the Pipeline?

    Stax SR-007A perhaps?
  8. d-cee

    I made a big mistake...HD595. NEVER try them.

    heh... just wait until you hear stax i'm fairly sure the design of the HD595 and HD555 is the same only difference being their colour and obviously the driver inside
  9. d-cee

    The Fifth Head-Fi Sydney Meet - Saturday 21st June

    I'm not going to be able to make it to this meet. There's going to be hell-ish amounts of work to do in that time and I see no way of re-arranging things to make this meet. Sorry covenant, please remove me from the list.
  10. d-cee

    Post A Picture Of Your Daily Trip Essentials!

    keys, phone, watch and wallet. that is all.
  11. d-cee

    EMU 0404 USB Modding FINISHED!

    Some more here too: E-MU 0404 USB
  12. d-cee

    1,000 bottle caps

    decorate a headphone stand
  13. d-cee

    PPA v2 construction discussion

    STEPS = single-voltage tangeant easy power supply - Tangent Easy Power Supply OPA627 = a single channel opamp that can be used in the PPA and other amps. made by texas instruments under the burr brown name - Precision High-Speed Difet(R) Operational Amplifiers - OPA627 - TI Product Folder...
  14. d-cee

    NZers and Aussies...where to buy HD600/650 rep cables?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Oya? Thanks for the heads-up! I sort of guessed he had them but doesn't put it up on the site. yeah he sells spare parts for just about all the headphones he sells that would be a lot of spare parts to list on the site!
  15. d-cee

    NZers and Aussies...where to buy HD600/650 rep cables?

    Marcus @ stocks replacement HD650 cabels
  16. d-cee

    DAC recommendation...decision made: Oritek OMZ...OMG!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Herandu Me? I am not annoyed. I just find it most peculiar that a few people should run to admin and complain about me keep telling everyone how good the TC-7510 is compared to some of the DACs peddled here, whilst others actively keep the overpriced OMZ...
  17. d-cee

    business card tube amp...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Sovkiller Everything is a matter of personal perspective and taste, to me the EMP is one of the coolest looking tube amps out there, they demonstrate that in order to make a tube amp that sounds good, you do not need to make it the size of a fridge...
  18. d-cee

    Tekzilla Talks About Headphone Amps

    i just decided to read this thread now. that's a cool clip, thanks for sharing! he's clearly more informed than your average cnet reviewer the girl's a good looker too, kinda silly with the headphones on, but based on some avatars on this forum i'm not surprised there's a fascination there
  19. d-cee

    This amp is better than that....bahhhhhh!!!

    knowledge is power, i say bring on the reviews/impressions/etc each reader must make what they will of it this is easier said than done though
  20. d-cee

    I hate my Denon D2000s

    Quote: Originally Posted by iKonoKlast Whether I can or can't is irrelevant. Why does a premium product have such a glaring defect? From old threads, it really does seem like this issue is widespread... why hadn't I heard of this problem before? you answered your own question...
  21. d-cee

    The Fifth Head-Fi Sydney Meet - Saturday 21st June

    oh good, i'm keen on having a listen to the PICO
  22. d-cee

    Marantz CD5001 Giveaway - And the Winner is?

    I want a free CDP! Am using PPAv2 with K701/DT880/DT531 and Stax SRM-1/MK-2 with SR-404, SR-Lambda and SR-Lambda Pros fed by Oritek Modded Zhaolu Apart from the CD drive in my computer, never had a disk spinner! I'm in Australia, so we use 240v =\ I'd pay for shipping if it has...
  23. d-cee

    Headphone Stand Giveaway

    banana hanger(s), mug tree(s) and woo audio stands =)
  24. d-cee

    Why are Pioneer headphones popular with DJ's ?

    HD25s and HD280 are popular around these parts
  25. d-cee

    The Fifth Head-Fi Sydney Meet - Saturday 21st June

    I'll be bringing a couple of amps that might need new homes. They're cheapy chinese clones but don't sound half bad I'll have the HEF188 (lehmann black cube linear) and the Confidence Amp (graham slee solo) clones. Everyone can have a listen and see if they like them, I'll let them go...