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  1. roosta

    Would a DAC do anything for me?

    I would say no. the biggest limitation with the RS220 is the FM radio frequency they use to transmit the sound from the base station to your headphones. Even if you use a high quality DAC that signal will still be degraded back to FM quality to transmit. 
  2. roosta

    Which company makes the best car speakers?

    3 way components, a tight sub, lots of acoustic treatment and a decent headunit or mini PC and you can make an awesome sounding car. You really need the room correction software and 8-12 band/parametric equaliser though since car acoustics are such a pain at times. Sound deadening is so...
  3. roosta

    Best DAC/AMP For iPod/MacBook Pro -> Grado SR80i/225i

    OK so your ipod already has a fantastic DAC i it. the amplifier in that ipod is also more than sufficient for the Grados. i LOVED my 5th gen ipod because it sounded so good, and when switching between the headphone output on that and the line out > ibasso D10 there really wasnt a huge increase...
  4. roosta

    what's a step above the Fiio E9?

    thanks guys, you have been a huge help. Ive fired off an email to the UK maker of the O2 to see when i can get one (I'm, moving house and with the 6 week lead time on them i have no idea where i will be)    @oyster i think the spitfire is out of my budget, i really wanted one for under £120...
  5. roosta

    what's a step above the Fiio E9?

    thankyou very much stv014 and also to lee730, you seem to have put me onto a winner.  I'll give them a go through my iBasso first but i have a feeling its not going to have quite enough power to keep them snappy. that o2 does look tasty though....    any others i should consider? that O2...
  6. roosta

    what's a step above the Fiio E9?

    Thanks for both the replies, very helpful. I live in the UK so getting the o2 or schiit would be difficult and/or expensive, but the o2 is significantly cheaper than I thought it was so it's not so bad. My diy skills are terrible so i would get a pre built one. The schiit is significantly more...
  7. roosta

    what's a step above the Fiio E9?

    hi guys,    just bought a pair of hd600 for cheap and now im looking for an amp for them. i currently have an iBasso D10 DAC/amp. ive been looking at the Fiio E9 for a while now, using my D10 as a DAC and the E9 as an amp, but ive seen a lot of people complaining about the SQ of the E9.  ...
  8. roosta

    List of Headphones with the same drivers

    igrado and sr60 use the same dont they? 
  9. roosta

    Headphone Upgrade: HD600 vs K701

    you guys get really heated sometimes, and dramatic!    just wading in with an analogy: 2 cars are racing, one has a faster engine, one has better handling. which is faster? its a stupid question, because one driver might prefer pure power for the straights, another might want better handling...
  10. roosta

    need advice on a headphone mod

    you tried adding anything behind the pads? some people stuff tissue paper or felt round the inside edges of the pads to make them thicker. 
  11. roosta

    [Review] Brainwavz HM5, A New Neutral Champ

    ok, another quick update. after listening with fresher ears i found the mids were being muddied too much by the tape and that it was swapping one problem for another rather than solving any, so its back to square one. the guys at YOGA seem to have tested every possible combination with these...
  12. roosta

    [Review] Brainwavz HM5, A New Neutral Champ

    quick update on simple easy reversible mods I've tried:   ok so i had a go at changing the sound of my LINDY versions to reduce the bass and speed it up a bit. my first plan was to open them up, so off came the backs. i tried them as completely open 'phones for an hour or so, and noticed...
  13. roosta

    what premium headphones should my employing company stock?

    Quote: yes yes i completely forgot to put those in, the V-moda headphones would be perfect.      
  14. roosta

    what premium headphones should my employing company stock?

      Quote: skullcandy have a reputation in the UK for being a bit poor. the aviators and mix masters do seem to be better viewed than the skulcandys of old, but im worried that stigma may remain. in addition, every store and their grandmother seem to stock skullcandy headphones at rock...
  15. roosta

    what premium headphones should my employing company stock?

    hello to everyone.   first off, a little disclaimer: i am a lowly sales adviser for a major UK store and head office have asked what premium headphones the company should stock through out 2012. i will not say which store i work for, all i will say we are big in the UK and electronics is a...
  16. roosta

    Which company makes the best car speakers?

    Quote: sure if you own a high end car you dont need as much after market sound deadening, to my knowledge lexus, jaguar some mercedes and some BMW's, have a decent amount of deadening, and removing sound deadening is a big NO-NO, add to it but dont remove it, its too expensive per gain...
  17. roosta

    Which company makes the best car speakers?

    car audio is a strange one, and one that people constantly do wrong. there are 4 main things to consider in car audio. quality speakers, quality amplification, quality source, and quality acoustic treatment, and its that last one people always ignore or forget, but its the most important.   ...
  18. roosta

    can someone in the UK make me some impedance adaptors?

    hi guys   my knowledge of electronics is non-existent and i have no tools or anything to make my own impedance adaptors. ive had a company in china quote me 60$ inc shipping (£38) for 6 impedance adaptors and i was wondering if anyone in the UK could beat his quote. heres what i want, mostly...
  19. roosta

    What else? (Noob looking for recommendations)

    think he meant "i would recommend the Brainwavz HM5" by the look of the rest of the comment.   i also have a variation of the same headphone (fischer audio FA-003, brainwavz HM5 and lindy HiFi are the same headphone but come with different accessories, i have the lindy ones) and i think they...
  20. roosta

    Ultrasone Pro 900 Worries

    theres no point getting a detailed headphone and listening to low quality music, it will sound horrible. ultrasones are quite detailed in the treble, and thats where the low quality will be most obvious.    what is it about the pro-900 you like the idea of? i own ultrasone 780's and have...
  21. roosta

    Review: Fischer Audio FA-003 - a neutral champ!

    i also did some investigation into the frequency graphs that have been making the rounds on here. i obtained 3 graphs; one from the lindy HiFi headphones (graph labelled as yoga CD-880, the OEM manufacturer and product ID) and two from FA-003's, one from a russian site and one from inner...
  22. roosta

    Review: Fischer Audio FA-003 - a neutral champ!

    here are some pictures of the drivers, front and back. i godda say i love how well made these feel. none of the plastic feels cheap or bends, and the deadening in the cups actually deadens the sound (knock on the back, then on the deadening material. one makes a slight "dom dom dom" sound, the...
  23. roosta

    Review: Fischer Audio FA-003 - a neutral champ!

    jut my short opinions of how these sound. mine have had about 30 hours burn in so far. also own the ultrasone 780, RE0 and compulsory portapro's. can give detailed comparisons if requested.       i bought these last week, been using them solid since monday. so far, very pleased. i bought...
  24. roosta

    <£200 neutral sounding solid state DAC+amp for DT880 600ohm?

    hi there,    looking to upgrade from my ibasso D10 to something a little more powerful. it hasnt left my desk for almost 2 years and im thinking it would be best to sell the little blighter and get a full blown desktop amp.    i use both the USB and optical inputs on the D10 and the AUX...
  25. roosta

    ++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

        hi guys,      looking for a full size headphones with a flat response and high levels of detail. currently i have ultrasone 780s but the V shaped sound is bugging me. i also have hifimann RE0s which i really like, but the bass is just a bit lacking.   ive been considering the...