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  1. Lunchbox2

    Upgrade Time

    Okay, so I've been inactive around here for a while after grabbing a bunch of stuff, and being generally satisfied. Recently, I came across a Fisher CA-880 amp from the 80s, and have started to prefer its headphone out (even with the route being analog from my computer to the receiver) to my...
  2. Lunchbox2

    New Set-up Idea

    So its been a while since I've posted here on the forums, due mostly to a lack of money (my wallet is thanking me). And to be honest, I've been pretty content with what I've been getting out of my system [optical>zero>LD MK III> HD 650s] but recently changed up my computer set-up and think its...
  3. Lunchbox2

    Headphone recommendation for classical at 128-160 kbps

    will you notice a difference between kernel streaming and non kernal streaming with the 128-160kbps sq? Perhaps someone who has more experience could chime in. It seems to me a bit of overkill for that level of compression?
  4. Lunchbox2

    THIRD pair of E3c's.. this is ridiculous

    djestouff- I completely understand where you're coming from. I have a pair of e2c's that I absolutely LOVE. Thing is, its actually my 3rd pair. And I didn't lose one. Every pair of e2c's i've owned, the cable has cracked right where your picture shows. I think it has to do with the cable being...
  5. Lunchbox2

    Woo WA6 - Sometimes Weak

    You may have to volume level your recordings, if they are stored on your computer...I know Media Monkey can do that automatically for you, but I don't know if it affects sound quality at all...maybe someone else can shed some light?
  6. Lunchbox2

    Zero DAC Questions

    my old soundblaster had one of those dual use ports too, but it required a mini toslink cable for the digital out. Not sure if yours is the same but it might be worth a look.
  7. Lunchbox2

    Little Dot MKIII Tube Rolling

    Thanks Max_F
  8. Lunchbox2

    Little Dot MKIII Tube Rolling

    Hey everyone, i have some EF91s I got (mullard 6aw6's if i'm not mistaken) and I'm having trouble finding this switch that the manual of the MK3 refers to. I see jumpers, but I bought this thing used and it didn't come with any sort of jumper. Does that mean I'm SOL? Can anyone post a picture of...
  9. Lunchbox2

    Winamp vs Foobar2000 ?!

    I use winamp, and to me it sounds the same as foobar. I don't have my music organized (save for the month in which I buy it) so winamps ability to manage that really wins out for me. You also don't need to spend a week figuring out which foobar set-up you like best.
  10. Lunchbox2

    Next thing to buy

    Yeah I'd say use flac! 320 really isn't that bad, but after getting my 650s, I realized how many variables go into the encoding of these mp3s and some of my old rips sound like trash now. I paid 80 dollars for a 1 tb hard drive and am ripping everything in flac, and the sound quality is...
  11. Lunchbox2

    Indeed Hi Fi Lab - 6N11 Tube Class A Headphone Amplifier.

    good stuff sacd. I've already been suckered by one or two of these review posts that really are ads.
  12. Lunchbox2

    Little Dot MKIII Sparks in Driver Tube

    Haven't plugged it back in to test. It seemed like it could damage the amp?
  13. Lunchbox2

    Little Dot MKIII Sparks in Driver Tube

    No, I bought it from a member of headfi. I've had it for about three months.
  14. Lunchbox2

    Little Dot MKIII Sparks in Driver Tube

    Okay. Anyone able to help with where to find replacements (that aren't 50 bucks from ebay?) I suppose I should slog through the MKIII tube rolling thread...
  15. Lunchbox2

    Little Dot MKIII Sparks in Driver Tube

    Hey I just turned on my MKIII and saw sparks or rather arcs in the left driver tube. I turned off the amp at once and I don't know if I should turn it back on again. Does this suggest a problem with the amp or the tube? Thoughts?
  16. Lunchbox2


    What would have the better DAC - the Zero or the Denon DCD1520. Should I skip my zero>mkIII setup all together when using the denon?
  17. Lunchbox2

    Headphone Sightings 2

    saw a guy wearing grados the other day at school
  18. Lunchbox2

    Possible Mac switch: Impact on my audio?

    Sounds like the optical out is your best bet. I'm not sure how many games are for mac
  19. Lunchbox2

    Should I sell home rig to fund travelling?

    go for it! I sold a telescope I got as a present in 8th grade to go to the world cup in 2002. It may have set me back a few years in terms of that hobby, but I will never forget that trip. absolutely go for it.
  20. Lunchbox2

    Help! Weird issue with Zero and MKIII

    It looks like I was a fool and thought the second pair of jacks were the input...I'm sorry to waste your time! But at least everything is alright.
  21. Lunchbox2

    Help! Weird issue with Zero and MKIII

    I plugged them in to the inputs. I'm not really sure what to do at this point...anyone with similar experiences?
  22. Lunchbox2

    Help! Weird issue with Zero and MKIII

    So I just bought a Zero DAC off ebay, and it arrived yesterday. I have optical out from my desktop to the Zero, and from there the zero is connected to a little dot MKIII headphone amp. The thing is, the music plays at the same volume out of the MKIII no matter what. Even if the amp is off. When...
  23. Lunchbox2

    Talk me out of upgrading my DAC

    If it is working now, and you're happy with the performance, don't upgrade! Upgrading because it is USB 1.1 is absolutely ridiculous. I can't see how the change in USB speed or spec would improve your sound.
  24. Lunchbox2

    What lossless format do you use? (on your main PC rig)

    this is funny. I would use iTunes if it supported FLAC, but it doesn't, so I use media monkey.
  25. Lunchbox2

    Zero vs. EMU 0404

    Which is better? I'm going to be coupling it to an LDMK3 with stock tubes. Opinions?