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Oct 7, 2008
So its been a while since I've posted here on the forums, due mostly to a lack of money (my wallet is thanking me). And to be honest, I've been pretty content with what I've been getting out of my system [optical>zero>LD MK III> HD 650s] but recently changed up my computer set-up and think its cool and worth sharing.

I've been ripping to flac, and downloading free concerts in flac for a while now and storing them on an external hard drive. Well, I just moved for school, and my desktop was mauled in shipping. the package was insured for just 200 dollars, I started to mull over my options, and eventually settled on this. Its an eee PC, which i'm sure many of you have heard about, but the desktop build. Its got a single core Atom processor, built in 160gb hard drive, and gigabit ethernet. And most importantly, it has optical out.

It came with linux pre-installed, but before even booting it once, I installed a light build of xp pro and replaced the linux. Within and hour and a half, I had the computer up and running, and configured for what I needed it to do. I'm running it headless (without monitor) and its connected to my headphone set-up. Using Remote Desktop, I can control what is playing on the system from my laptop. The sound quality is identical to my older set-up. And, the eee-box draws roughly 20 watts of power at full bore. My room is no longer really hot when I come back from work or school!

If you read reports about the computer, there seems to be a general trend of complaining about the lack of blu-ray playback capability. I haven't hooked it up to a hdtv yet, but there are plenty of videos on youtube documenting the eee-box's ability to play 720p video.

I'm planning on hooking it up to an hdtv and playing SD video content, as well as using media monkey to control my music playback. So far, I haven't had any issues with lagging performance, and its been running silently and cool. There aren't too many posts about using this for a HTPC, but at roughly 275 dollars, its really not a bad solution. I figured I'd share the love with you guys! Any suggestions or questions let me know! I'm all ears.

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