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  1. Amblin

    Static, buzzing from speakers. Onboard audio ALC 1150. Please help.

    Hello. I'll try to keep this short and simple as possible. Built a new PC about eight months ago. Bought an older (ancient) Altec Lansing 5.1 speaker system to use with the new build with it's onboard audio (Altec 1150) when I wasn't using my HD598s. Occasionally heard static from the speakers...
  2. Amblin

    Zune 2.5 Update

    Beautiful. I installed the update on my back-up machine, and I'm stuck in a never ending "You must restart your machine" dialog everytime I try and start the software. Is anyone else experiencing this? (and ofcourse, I have restarted my machine).
  3. Amblin

    do you use EQ?

    YES, only to fix weaknesses of one's ears and/or gear.
  4. Amblin

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XI]

    Quote: Originally Posted by Nuwidol wow, you have a big head, but you look so young... Wow, was this comment absolutely necessary?
  5. Amblin

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XI]

    Quote: Originally Posted by sidewinder Recently bought a protection case for my U3, cost me $50 but it was worth it. It came with a 360° rotational beltclip, excellent quality. Well, I've got to say, that is a very nice case. $50 though, ouch.
  6. Amblin

    Sigh, had some stuff stolen. How about you?

    courierdriver, s**t man, well atleast you can look bad and say you have had some....interesting experiences during your life. And ofcourse, sorry about your loses.
  7. Amblin

    Quick Sony NWZ-A728 8gb Review

    Great review, very informative, I like how you covered the bundled buds, one of only a handfull of freebees they throw you that are actually worth a review of their own. Oh yes, and I'm glad you are enjoying the FX-55s.
  8. Amblin

    making the Cowon Q5W play videos fine on youtube.

    You'd think a device that can handle 720P media no sweat would be able to eat YouTube videos for breakfast, but I guess that's just not the case. Unlike with a PC, I dont think there is very much in the way of optimization you can do with Q5W (or PMPs in general, for that matter). Best advice I...
  9. Amblin

    Everybody be careful!! The scammer is back!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by barqy just wondering how come you refunded w/o him shipping back first? Perhaps a temporary lapse of judgement...?
  10. Amblin

    Calling San Diego UE owners

    Quote: Originally Posted by silverknit3 Where in San Diego CA can you find Ultimate Ears? I saw them at LAX but I cannot go up to LA for them. If anyone knows a store that sells UE headphones specifically the 5's thatd be great. online shopping is not an option because i want...
  11. Amblin

    KEN36 best wishes

    So you've got a worn out amplifier, and your going to send it in for repair. No doubt, you are going to get a refurb, but guess what...its going to be just like brand-spanking new and you'll be up and running again in no time. Here's hoping to a successful surgery and a speedy recovery!
  12. Amblin

    Cowon Q5W firmware upgraded v1.47

    Quote: Originally Posted by robojack Unfortunately, the firmware upgrade wipes all the music and video files, so they're pretty much gone. Sorry for your loss. However, I believe this was mentioned in the firmware installations, as well as in the manual. Ah, I misinterpreted the...
  13. Amblin

    Cowon Q5W firmware upgraded v1.47

    Copy them off the device onto your computer, then copy them back onto the device. You'll be enjoying your...Hannah Montana again in no time.
  14. Amblin

    "Hear" the compression

    You all are blissfully uninformed!! There is no difference between...say iBuds and the Ultimate Ear 11 series! Its alllll psychological! They both sound exactly the same, but since you spent 1.1K on one of the two, it _HAS_ to sound better, or so you convince yourself. With the power of positive...
  15. Amblin

    Most manly iPod cover?

    I guess I will pick up one to give to my girlfriend. It will remind her of me when Im away.
  16. Amblin

    Most manly iPod cover?

    ...Originally Posted by IceClass How is meat or the image of meat "manly"? I don't see the gender connection. What? You canadian *edit* (artic) MEN don't eat meat, the manliest known substance of sustenance this side of the universe? Go bbq yourself a polar bear or something, man.
  17. Amblin

    Most manly iPod cover?

    Quote: Originally Posted by wanderman dog uses their noses... Sir, I believe your humor-dar and possibly your sarcasm-dar is broken.
  18. Amblin

    Most manly iPod cover?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Oya? Real manly men don't cover their iPods. >: Real manly men don't USE iPods.
  19. Amblin

    Rate The Last Movie You Watched

    The Forbidden Kingdom : 7/10 Lot of fun. Good way to kill two hours.
  20. Amblin

    Yeah! My new NW-A828 arrived!

    You've got to remember, that his version is the japanese version. Perhaps they still operate on the SonicStage software.
  21. Amblin

    Yeah! My new NW-A828 arrived!

    Damn. Thats downright beautiful. Enjoy it!
  22. Amblin

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part X]

    This thread is now a hundred pages str(l)ong. Perhaps its time for a Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XI].
  23. Amblin

    please help, looking for new mp3

    With any of those four you listed, you simply cannot go wrong, they are all reputed, solid performers in the sound quality category. Pick based upon what you want more out of your mp3 player, a diminutive size (Clip), a large screen (a728), or something in the middle (Fuze and a816).
  24. Amblin

    sq of rockboxed 4g ipod photo vs. sansa e200 rockboxed

    I have heard people refer to the fourth generation iPod as the best sounding iPod in the line, and in contrast, the first revision e200s are known to have sub-par sound quality, even Rockbox can't go so far as to completely fix it's down-to-the-roost flaw. I can say the info for the e200 from...