Static, buzzing from speakers. Onboard audio ALC 1150. Please help.
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Mar 17, 2007
Hello. I'll try to keep this short and simple as possible. Built a new PC about eight months ago. Bought an older (ancient) Altec Lansing 5.1 speaker system to use with the new build with it's onboard audio (Altec 1150) when I wasn't using my HD598s. Occasionally heard static from the speakers when but attributed that to the speaker system and it's age. Recently bought a Logitech Z5500 computer speaker setup from a friend which worked flawlessly. Transported very carefully to my place. Static and buzzing that was present on the old system persists. Despite Asrock's PurityAudio 3 and their claims associated with it (isolated, audiophile quality HP amp etc.), I believe the onboard audio on my system is the cause of the issues as I have isolated the analog cables from any other possible causes of EMI such as power/video cables and the issue persists.
What makes me wonder is the fact that even when using optical/TOSLINK from the mobo and letting the speaker system's DAC handle audio, the static/buzz continues; shouldn't using optical eliminate the chance that my onboard audio could be introducing noise? I will note also that using the speaker system with another source such as my cell phone or tablet produces almost static free audio after disconnecting the PC from the system for a bit, but as soon as I connect the analog 3.5mm jacks or even TOSLINK from my PC the static/buzz comes back with force.
My plan to eliminate the issue is to buy an external sound card, however if someone with more experience/knowledge/ideas on why this wouldn't solve my problem or how something else could, please chime in, I'd be very grateful. Thank you very much. :)
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These things can be a bear to cure... I have been battling RF problems in my sonar in the boat. The issue could be any number of things from cabling, which you seem to have worked on, to florescent lights to power supply issues and that's just a scratch on the surface.  Check this link and do other searched on RF Noise.

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