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    Korn Vs Deftones - express yourself freely about

    Funny, I finally bought Around the Fur the other day -- after YEARS of wanting it -- and DAMN does it kick a little ass. I really can't believe I helf off so long. (At the same time, I can't belive I paid 12.99 for it when a week earlier I could've bought it for 9.99 when CC had that sale, but...
  2. xixco

    Who sings the song is on the new Ipod commercial?

    needs more info
  3. xixco

    current Doors CDs going away soon...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Rock&Roll Ninja Any idea if the 5.1's will be hi-rez SACD/DVD-A, or just DD/DTS? That article didn't say. What was quoted above (props to rhythmdevils) was about the only information given.
  4. xixco

    current Doors CDs going away soon...

    yeah, i'm kinda worried that they'll murder the sound of the new releases (if it turns out they are redoing them), so i didn't make a "new Doors remasters in the Fall!!" title --- b/c i'm not excited but rather leery. at the same time tho, to date have any DVD-As come out with the infamous...
  5. xixco

    current Doors CDs going away soon...

    whether that's a good thing or bad thing is totally up to you cliff notes: celebrating 40th anniversary, lots of projects are announced for later in the year, including new CDs w/5.1 DVD versions and lots of other stuff (merchandise...
  6. xixco

    Anyone picking up the new Flaming Lips album today?

    quick stoopid question: did the 5.1 version come out Tue also, and I just didn't see it, or is that coming out later?
  7. xixco

    What Song Are You Using As Your Ring Tone?

    main ring is the title music to Fantasy Zone II (old SMS game) yeahthat'sright mainly stays on vibrate tho
  8. xixco

    Well I received my Eat A Peach CD..Anyone know how to fix a gold disc? (MFSL)

    does it not play correctly? or are you just bothered by the crappy look? i ask because the disc doctors do work if the CD you're cleaning isn't too far gone, but then you end up with a disc that looks like it's been cleaned (i.e., it doesn't just go back to new-looking). i'll see if i can get...
  9. xixco

    air bag - how am I driving?

    you can find it here but DAMN those people want a lot of $$ for it! (i think i bought it new for like $8.99 -- but then that was when it first came out)
  10. xixco

    Ghostface - 2006 - Fishscale

    wow afxdave, that 2nd response just convinced me to pick this thing up Tue.
  11. xixco

    Texas arresting people in bars for being drunk

    the TABC had agents (or whatever they're called) in bars to police (ticket/arrest/fine) the bartenders that were "overserving" (and the owners that "allowed" this practice) -- and then figured "if we're here enforcing the law, might as well be thorough about it" and started nabbing patrons too...
  12. xixco

    Rolling Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil" question

    Quote: Originally Posted by Rock&Roll Ninja Also, when he rode a tank, did the devil hold a generous rank, or a general's rank? i always understood it to be "General's rank" (which then of course made me wonder if Jagger was referring to some general in particular)
  13. xixco

    How to play encrypted CD on computer?

    Is it definitely encrypted? As in, does it have any sort of marking or indication on the packaging that it is an encrypted CD? If so, what kind/what does it look like?
  14. xixco

    Can some1 explain why ppl buy vintage pcdp made in the 80s?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Peyotero I'm really dying to hear that modern source that matches your D-555 soundwise as you claim did i misread something? i saw: "I love the D-555...But compared to modern sources, it is somewhat mediocre in sound and could not be said to be...
  15. xixco

    Sound quality on Muse Absolution

    it's the drums, man! they are no bueno need some EQing or something
  16. xixco

    American Idiot - computer won't read??

    The drive flashes for a few seconds after putting the disc in, then finally doesn't register that there's a disc at all. Initially I thought it was something to do w/iTunes, but then later I found that EAC didn't read it either. **and just now I see that Windows Explorer doesn't see a disc...
  17. xixco

    American Idiot - computer won't read??

    I already searched and found nothing 1st post telling me I'm stupid gets a virtual cookie ..and yes I'm talking about Green Day's American Idiot Anyways, my computer won't read this disc, yet it's even supposed to have "Enhanced" stuff on it. Does this have anything to do with autorun...
  18. xixco

    ripping HDCD to ape format?

    Quote: Originally Posted by s m @ Here's something somewhat related that I found interesting: Once, when I ripped an HDCD disc to WAV for myself, I listened to the WAV for some reason via EAC. It had an almost skippy chopped up sound, as if it was reading all the info on the disc somehow...
  19. xixco

    ripping HDCD to ape format?

    ^what he said. *quick head knod*
  20. xixco

    The LIST: Prog-Rock and Prog-Metal Bands-

    modern prog-rock: The Underground Railroad Am I super-duper into prog-rock? No. Will I take advantage of an opportunity to advertise my friend's band? Yes. just ignore the fact that they all look like deviants in their bio pics...
  21. xixco

    Smashing Pumpkins: Rotten Apples / Best Of Collection - mastering errors?

    maybe you got the remix No, what do you mean by scratching? Or better yet, where?
  22. xixco

    SACD encoding question

    they ...lowered the midrange in the remaster ...and then generally when you compress to lower quality levels, more of the midrange gets "lost," so maybe you're just really enjoying the "sweet" sound you're getting. similar effect to turning up bass & treble, or high & low end. now...
  23. xixco

    whopper vs. big mac

    i voted Whopper in honor of all the closed Burger Kings around here they just closed up shop & moved on... *sniff*
  24. xixco

    Future of the CD; how will we listen to music...?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jashugan Personally, I'm waiting for 100GB USB keys, on which I will have my music/movies/series etc collections well stored up, in a product that will not degrade easily over time, is small enough to be kept on a keychain in your pocket, and has enough space...