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    Woo Audio TUBE mini Balanced Headphone Amplifier/DAC

    I Love the Sound from the Tube mini and Base . It can enjoyed by itself or as a Tube preamp and DAC with my Red Wine Audio Signature 16 Headphone Amplifier The Red Wine Amp has more power and is more Dynamic
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    WOO TUBE MINI is Awesome !!!!!

    WOO TUBE MINI -second day listening to my new Toy. Ipad air 4th generation to WOO TUBE MINI -Arctic balanced silver cable-woo Adapter 4xlr to Pentaconn -HIFIMAN Arya Very Musical and detailed, Large holographic soundstage Excellent Work Woo !!!! VERY HAPPY WITH PURCHASE
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    CanJam NYC 2023 Impressions Thread (February 25-26, 2023)

    Did you find any ? I am looking for impressions of the Hifiman EF-600 also
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    Thank you for your reply . How do you like the Sennheiser IE 600 ?
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    Mojo 2 vs IFi Gryphon Has anybody compared these 2 amps using the Hifiman Arya or any other Headphones ?
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    Exceptional in Every Detail: Say Hello to the IE 600

    Hi HEAD-FI , I am interested In listening and reviewing the IE -600 in ear headphone . I have been an audiophile since 2001 My current in ear is The Grado GR -10e Thank you, Arrowmark
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    Arctic Cables Discussion Thread

    Just got my Ion + Arctic Cables They sound great with my Hifiman Ananda headphones.Soundstage has improved and treble detail has improved. Packaging and Customer service is the Best I have experienced . GREAT JOB !!!
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    64 Audio U12t vs Campfire Solaris 2020

    Have you tried Audeze i sine 20 or the LCD-i 3 ?
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    I would like to experience the Amanda BT. I have owned the Regular Amanda and Love it and would like to compare them. Arrowmark
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    Hifiman TWS600 - First Impression

    I tried them a couple of times also. I was very disappointed in the sound quality.They sounded tike I was listening in a tin can. Weak treble and no bass. I have a pair of the wire RE-600 earphones , They sound decent for the price.
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    Reply to review by 'arrowmark' on item 'Grado HF3 Headphone'

    This review looks like it was written by a Grado employee
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    HIFIMAN TWS600 Loaner Tour

    Hi ,I have not recieved any info on this since I signed up. I think I was the first one I sent my address to customer service When will I get them ? Thank you, Arrowmark
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    HIFIMAN TWS600 Loaner Tour

    I would like to take part in this loaner program. I live in Aventura,Fl.
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    HE-500 or HE-560 V3?

    Ok thanks I still enjoy the HE-560 more
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    HE-500 or HE-560 V3?

    I have both and prefer the HE-560.They have better treble extension, bigger soundstage ,much lighter and more comfortable.
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    Amphora Headphone Amp Impressions

    It is never too late! Now you have a piece of ALO History. I love my Amphora SE
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    Florida Meet on May 19th and July 14th

    Any updates on the South Florida Meet? Location ? Date?
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    Noble Audio Holiday Giveaway! & Fire Relief

    1) 125,634 2) 123,867 3) 127,231
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    Win a SUSVARA

    I would like the new Susvara very much! I have the HE-500 and the HE-560 . The HE-560 is my favorite, but the new Susvara would be a nice upgrade ! Thank you ! Arrowmark
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    South Florida Meets!

    Where is the Meet going to be located at?:)
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    RHA Dacamp L1, CL1 Ceramic & CL750 Review Tour

    Arrowmark Aventura, FL. U.S.A. No RHA products used iPad with Cypherlabs Solo Geek out V2+
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    Noble Audio Wizard Sage Giveaway!

    1) 77,643 2) 76,542 3) 78,239