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  1. emanlee

    Reply to review by 'emanlee' on item 'Philips SHL5905BK/28 CitiScape Uptown'

    I had the silver/brown. After i had these cans i realized how overrated ath m50s are. The m50s are good, but some options are better. $26.? Never had cans that good!
  2. emanlee

    Review by 'emanlee' on item 'Philips SHL5905BK/28 CitiScape Uptown'

    i never usually write reviews, but when i do, its usually with underrated earphones/headphones, because i think they do deserve some justice.   just a background, i owned headphones/earphones like brainwavz, sennheisers, superluxes,  beyerdynamics, etc. Some of them on come and go fashion, buy...
  3. emanlee

    free gifts of RE600, HM700 and RE400

    God i cant wait till 15th. I hope i can have my first hifiman. Thanks hifiman! :)
  4. emanlee

    free gifts of RE600, HM700 and RE400

    Like done Follow done Reply done I do hope i win.. :)
  5. emanlee

    MEElectronics Thread!!!

    hey. i was wondering if you could replicate my results and try this. to those with mee m9 here's a simple mod:
  6. emanlee

    MEElectronics M9 Mod

    i find the signature sound of m9 quite dark, and one of the common complaints were the bass overpowering/creeping in the mids. i tried experimenting it without opening it and here's what i found:     1. in your m9 earphones, locate the holes in the aluminum shell. it should be there...
  7. emanlee

    MEElectronics Thread!!!

    they have the best customer service! :D
  8. emanlee

    HELP: HD228 Foam pads!

    hi! im new here at headfi.. i was wondering where can i find extra foam pads for my HD228 since they're starting to peel off. im not from the US and sennheiser here (philippines) are not willing to replace them. where can i find one? thanks! 
  9. emanlee

    To other hd228 owners

    nope. that's a prototype picture. there are no hd228's that are fake around the market. got mine from an authorize senn dealer and yes, there's no hd228 mark on the outside, just inside near the band. its engraved.      OT: where can i buy extra foam pads for these?
  10. emanlee

    Sennheiser HD418 Mods?

    there's a tape mod somewhere here i think. but it wont be needed as the 418 is already bass muddy. i have a custom earmuff myself, but i guess its not a mod. its a customization. 
  11. emanlee

    Review by 'emanlee' on item 'MEElectronics M9-SL Hi-Fi Sound-Isolating Earphones (Silver)'

    Build Quality and Initial Impressions: - build quality seems remarkable. materials doesnt seem like the company cut cost to gain more income and i salute meelec to that. the earphones themselves are made of a metal alloy and not plastic, plus the cable seems very sturdy even if you pull it off...