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  1. Slogra

    Settings to use on realtek alc 892?

    In the end i think this is mainly a matter of taste. You just like the sound of Sennheiser more than the new headphones. And i can't blame you, my favorite headphones are also Sennheisers. It might grow on you though. Or you might like it just for variety. Perhaps you can make the sound more to...
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    For EQ on my PC, I tried Dolby Atmos...DTS...RazerTHX...FXSound.......any other recommendations I should try?

    If you want a pure EQ without spatial surround then i recommend Equalizer APO.
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    Settings to use on realtek alc 892?

    Nobody here will recommend using the analog lineout of a motherboard. Does the amp give at least improve the bass/overall sound? Does the new headphone + amp sound better on another device with a good dac? Is the sennheiser game a analog, usb or wireless headphone?
  4. Slogra

    Janet Jackson screws up Windows Audio pipeline?

    i think they only removed the frequency when this song was playing. The song had frequencies around 5400 hz which crashed 5400rpm drives(!). It's an interesting "vurnability" and i wonder why they kept it secret for so long. Was it that easy to do? Were they afraid more songs like that? I...
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    Buzzing During GPU Usage

    Yes, optical was the solution for me as well. Appearantly it does not work for the ts. I would start unplugging each device one by one to find which one causes the noise. I had issues with a monitor and keyboard in the past.
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    PC Speakers (of the kinda budget but not tin-can variety)

    The R1280DB amd E3.5 probably sound completely different. Edifier are hifi speakers while Presonus are studio speakers. I really like the E3.5 for their price. Very clear, detailed and bass is not bad for their size. They sound best when listening near. Also the sound changes a lot when changing...
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    Need advice about Creative Gigaworks T40

    There is a topic about the alc942 here: I would not buy an expensive soundcard for such low price speakers. What is the issue with voice exactly? Muffles voice is usually caused by bass heavy...
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    Ripping CDs but need a drive...can I grab any drive?

    Not all drives read audio CD's the same. That's why you need special ripping software like EAC to read the CDs correctly. If you use EAC and the correct settings most drives will output the exact same data. So in the end it's a matter of speed. If a drive reads the disc accurately right away, it...
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    It should be possible to change the language in the settings of dvdfab. I would be very surprised if they removed other languages just for the german version.
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    do you mean copy to harddisk or copy (burn) to blueray disc?
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    You didn't say what you want to do with it. I think that's why nobody replied. Are you gonna use it for: Ripping or burning? Video or other files? I use Makemkv but only for copying video to my harddisk.
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    What computer speakers to get?

    Yes, that should be it. Obviously it does not need to be gold plated, because the optical signal does not travel through the goldplated part of the connector (but it doesn't hurt either).
  13. Slogra

    What computer speakers to get?

    It's a normal mini headphone connector combined with optical mini toslink. With right cable from mini toslink to normal toslink you can connect your player to a receiver.
  14. Slogra

    Converting Spotify (or maybe even Youtube) to FLAC Files

    Just get the original audiotrack from youtube. It is usually aac 128kbps. Reencoding it to anything else makes it only worse quality or bigger in size.
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    Do different OS sound different?

    Video is much more complicated compared to audio. You have to deal with many parameters: - decoding - filtering - gamma - color range - color space - hdr - many many more All those parameters must be interpreted correctly and shown correctly. But there can be some visible differences between...
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    Best HDD for audio-video quality

    SSDs are vastly superiour in almost every way compared to HDD and SHDDs. It makes no sense to prefer HDD instead of SDD. Silent operation is a huge advantage of SSDs when you are working with audio. Only advantages of HDDs are: Price and rewritability. Audio quality will obviously be exactly...
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    How do I improve the audio output from my PC?

    What about using HDMI output from your laptop to your receiver? It should work as a digital audio transport. That way you will use the DAC in your receiver, which will be better than the one in your laptop. And always use WASAPI and make sure the output frequency is the same as the source.
  18. Slogra

    M40X + SMSL M3 + ERIS E3.5 Combo works together?

    What motherboard do you have? Why are not satisfied by the onboard chip? Noise, crackles or just lower quality. I own the Audio Technica M50X and Presonus Eris E3.5. I like them both very much. The E3.5 speakers are excellent for their price. All kinds of music sounds great, however with these...
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    Volume controller?

    I'm using a Fostex controller, which is one of the cheapest i could find (in europe). It is quite small but not too small and it works perfectly. It also came with cables, so i can't complain.
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    SDD improvement SQ ?

    Ofcourse not! It can be a huge improvement in speed, but that will not improve sound quality. Also if you move the hdd a lot, then an ssd also a big improvements because it can take shocks a lot better.
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    What computer speakers to get?

    Actually, the tweeters do have protection. I've fixed that in my previous post.
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    What computer speakers to get?

    Personally i find the high frequencies of the Edifier R1850DB lacking. Even if you open up the treble, there are hardly any high frequencies coming from the tweeters. I like clear and detailed sound, so there are not the ones for me. The S350DB on the other hand has a clear sound with really...
  23. Slogra

    Focusrite scarlet 2i2 (2nd gen) speaker Recommendation

    Well, they are balanced. I wasn't able this information on the official site either, but you can find it on amazon for example.
  24. Slogra

    Focusrite scarlet 2i2 (2nd gen) speaker Recommendation

    Those are "balanced" connections on the Focusrite, which are used on studio monitor speakers. They all are supposed to sound neutral, so no bumps in bass or treble etc. Go listen to the monitor speakers first because they sound different than normal hifi speakers. The Swan speakerset does not...
  25. Slogra

    Optical solution for mobo

    any audio controller should do the trick. If you use wasapi and the same samplerate as the source track, it will be bitperfect.