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    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

  2. Yeti tunes

    PS4 vs XBOX ONE (What would you buy and why? No fanboy like comments please)

    No need to get offended friend. I too am a comp sci major and have been coding for the better part of 5 years. The technology has been around for offloading processes for quite some time. Of course this is seen all the time in the scientific world, but that's not really what we're talking...
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    PS4 vs XBOX ONE (What would you buy and why? No fanboy like comments please)

    Quote: I submit that rendering was a poor choice in wording - of course all rendering happens on the client side. I was more speaking to the fact it can do positional calculations and give results back to the client.
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    PS4 vs XBOX ONE (What would you buy and why? No fanboy like comments please)

    Quote: I'm not saying service offerings are better for the consumer, my claim is that additional computing power through the use of offloading processes is not outlandish. It's certainly better from a technical standpoint and I completely believe we have the technology to do so today. As...
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    PS4 vs XBOX ONE (What would you buy and why? No fanboy like comments please)

    Quote: I don't see why that wouldn't be possible...   You've in the next gen RPG running through a sandbox world. While you're box is computing all of the near field stuff like action sequences and immediate physics, the MS/Sony/whoever's server clusters could be rendering background...
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    Any Sim Racing Fans?

    Quote: That's unfortunate, I was seriously considering grabbing it :/   Any reason in particular it's a disappointment?
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    Xbox ONE

    Quote: It's only seen that was because and noted above, E3 hasn't happened yet - of course there are no games. This was an unveiling for the CONSOLE not GAMES. Cross platform games will look and play the exact same on both platforms! Regardless of differences in hardware, games will look...
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    Xbox ONE

    Quote: How does having additional functionality detract from being able to use it as a gaming console? I don't understand this iGeneration where less features is a good thing.
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    Linux users unite!

    ...for that company, the target platform was other Windows boxes so that made sense. For past year however I've been doing much more networking and *nix development because well... that's now my target platform.   I will agree that *nix out of the box offers more flexibility at the command...
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    The Playstation 4

    Quote: Not to make this a rage inducing fanboy thread, but I would probably reserve judgement at the very least until E3 when Sony/MS announce some launch titles. Also, price plays a very large roll as well which also has not yet been announced. The sensible thing to do would be to see...
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    The Playstation 4

    Quote: Any time you opt in to a beta release of a game you also use the beta release Steam if I'm not mistaken (someone correct me if I'm wrong).
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    The Playstation 4

    Quote: I would bet $10 you've opted into the beta candidate. Just turn it off. Non-beta Steam only gets updates once a month (maybe).
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    Linux users unite!

    Quote: Better tools and capabilities in what way? Honestly curious.
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    The Playstation 4

    Quote: I actually didn't know falcon nw was still in business, thought they went under when HP bought voodoo. Anyways yes I'd build a computer before thinking twice about buying an off-the-shelf solution.   To the point of course the computers cost twice as much. They offer many times...
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    The Playstation 4

    Quote: You mean like the hundreds of independant titles that go through the xbox live store all the time? I own neither the xbox nor ps3 (pc gamer here) but I go over to my buddys house all the time and browse the marketplace. There are tons of indie titles to choose from on both platforms...
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    **Hifiman HE-400 Impressions and Discussion Thread**

    Just got mine about 3 days ago and I'm really liking them so far. I've never a headphone the is this solid on all fronts before, I feel like it adapts pretty well to everything I throw at it.
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    Silent computer - new fans and case

    Quote: Don't think the OP is looking to revamp his computer, just wants new fans. So for a realistic suggestion, I'd put my money on the Xigmatek's AOS fans.
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    Where do you get your music?

    If I can't find it on hdtracks (usually not) I just order the cd from amazon, rip to FLAC. I listen to music at work on pandora much to my shagrin because I can't install Spotify. It's helped me discover several artists though.
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    My #1 gripe with head-fi forum members

    Quote: When did I say any of that? You mentioned that the brands often discussed here are not usually noticed outside of people within the hobby. I was pointing out some examples that contradict that. I wasn't saying your were incorrect, just not accurate. I wouldn't say the community is...
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    Best gaming mice

    Not too many choices for us lefties, so I used to use ambidextrous mice. Then Razer came out with the left handed Mamba - been my gaming mouse ever since then.
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    Anyone play League of Legends?

    Been playing since just after beta. Still have fun doing it too
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    My #1 gripe with head-fi forum members

    Quote: I'm confused by this. Most of the headphones discussed on this forum ARE mass market brands. Companies such as Sony, AKG, etc have been around for quite some time and get frequent nods from the community.
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    Shaving, gents

    Well after mulling it over I've finally done it. Ordered all the necessary items last night and should be set to see what this whole shaving revolution will bring. I ordered:   Murkur classic Proraso cream (eucalyptus & menthol) Badger brush 100 derby blades   Hopefully this stuff...
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    Looking for a good first "nice" headset...

    Quote: I love the dt990s, but to say that they don't leak when they're on your head would be a straight up falsehood. These cans leak sound like a boss - they're open after all.
  25. Yeti tunes

    7.1 virtual surround on foobar?

    Quote: I will re-iterate that it doesn't make sense. What you're doing is actually ruining the soundstage by making sounds have stereoscopic properties that don't exist.