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  1. Herooftime

    Westone 1 or...

    The Westone 1s and the Westone um1s are both very excellent choices. But for bass maybe you could find a used pair of westone um2s. They have excellent bass and the comfort of the um1s.
  2. Herooftime

    westone warranty

    Westone Warranty is very superb, and I know this is late post to the forums, but my experiences thus far with Westone has been good. They have gained a loyal customer ^_^
  3. Herooftime

    Shure or Westone ?

    Westone for shure (pun!)   The comfort level of the Westone earphones with the comply tips is absolutely amazing, and the sound qualiaty is either par or slightly better than the shure counterparts.
  4. Herooftime

    Westone UM2

    Have been a huge fan of westone since I tried out my friends um1s. Ended up getting the um2s new, for 250 2 years ago, and have sent them in for warranty 4 times. The 2 year warranty is ridiculously nice.   I think the bass is more than sufficient and as a plus the Comfort level is superior!
  5. Herooftime

    Westone 3 - You asked for it, we listened !

    Yeah I ordered the westone um2 with the 25% savings... It went down from 30% kinda sux i coulda saved more if i had ordered early meh.. Hopefully that offer is still there later on =)
  6. Herooftime

    WestOne UM2/UM1 with UM56

    Hey I was just wondering how far out the UM1 or UM2 will sit outside the ear of the custom molds are to be used... It seems from several pictures that when the UM56s are attached to a UM2 or UM1, they look like they will sit out of the ear a little more than with shure or comply tips. Is anyone...
  7. Herooftime

    Shure SE210 vs Etymotic ER6i vs ??

    Quote: Originally Posted by natogandalf Hehe, yeah I realise that the dollar prices for headphones in Sweden won't match the prices elsewhere. The dollar is low compared to the swedish crown right now so $100 is probably a bit much. How thick is the cables on the Shures? I can't see...
  8. Herooftime

    Should I Get the Westone UM2 or Wait for The Westone 3?

    While being a college student with not many funds I wish i could own both the Westone 3s and the UM2s at the same time.... But unfortunately i cant =( so i am patiently waiting for the westone 3s to come out, listen to the reviews and hope for the best heh!
  9. Herooftime

    Westone UM2

    Yeah I am totally thinking about getting a pair of UM2s. Anyone have any used or have any suggestions on where to purchase them?
  10. Herooftime

    How do I get bass out of my SE210's?...

    Yeuppp I have had the SE210s for about 6 months. They are great sounding earphones compared to the Sony onears i was using beforehand. My friend saw that i had some, and wound up getting the same kind of earphones i did, and he liked the bass on it alot haha. For me i just though they were great...
  11. Herooftime

    Westone 3 - You asked for it, we listened !

    Ahhhhhh I have been waiting forever for these to come out =( Im basically crying! Anyone know approximately when these will come out O_o
  12. Herooftime

    Shure SE210 vs Etymotic ER6i vs ??

    I own a pair of shures Se210.. They are pretty good and plus if you order them online im will bet they will be able to give you se210s for 110$. Shures warranty is also very great. The thick cabling on the SE210 is a prety bad drawback. If your price range is about 100-150$, i would either...
  13. Herooftime

    Fiio amps?

    Quote: Originally Posted by ao_tenshi Works well for SE210, definitely increases the bass on the SE210, and fuller overall sound... though the downside is you lose some of the "crisp clarity" of SE210. Also find hissing when no sound playing, but as others said, you wont notice the hiss...
  14. Herooftime

    Fiio amps?

    I was thinking about getting the Fiio amp.. I was wondering if anyone has used this amp with the SE210s. Is there any difference in sound quality?
  15. Herooftime

    What Headphones Are You Using Right Now?

    I am Currently using Shure SE210ks... I just sent them in for warranty b/c of the cabling coming apart and am hope to upgrade to UM2s or the 3s if and when they come out.